A fun price is something that Slip-Up fans have never seen before

in off-air clip “The Price Is Right”, the show’s winner somehow manages to lose her false front tooth in the final moments of the show – just as the iconic “The Price Is Right” theme begins to play. “The showcase winner’s false tooth pops out of her mouth, falls to the floor, and rolls around the stage,” explained Doug Roberts in the description of his YouTube video. “Then she chases after it, picks it up, puts it back in her mouth, and keeps celebrating!” Which moment.

Now, most people would automatically think that the gaffe with the tooth is a unique, one-of-a-kind scene in The Price Is Right story that simply cannot be reproduced. But think again.

Back in 2012, an 85-year-old contestant ran onto the stage after winning the One Bet round and accidentally fell to the ground, causing him to lose one of his teeth. “My tooth fell out!” The man said excitedly, bursting into laughter. Moments later, he kissed Drew Carey firmly on the cheek, prompting the longtime host to say, “That’s not the only person without a tooth who has ever kissed me.”

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