A gag you probably didn’t notice in the background of early South Park episodes

There’s something of an urban legend in pop culture that there’s an alien lurking in the background of every episode of South Park. While not entirely true, aliens do appear in the background in many episodes of the show, as well as in the opening credits of some early seasons, as an easter egg for keen fans. Visitors, as they are called, according to an extract from HuffPost, appear in more than half of the show’s episodes. However, the show’s animators don’t follow the performances, so they “don’t have hard numbers”.

Visitors hide against the backdrop of predominantly early episodes of the series. After these early seasons, the animators eventually dropped the jokes. This beat was revived in the show’s 12th season when Comedy Central held a contest to find all the hidden aliens in the first seven episodes of that season. South Park official website. blog, Aliens-UFO-Research, tried to document as many sightings as possible throughout the show. Now fans have a reason to go back and rewatch early episodes of the cult show to try and uncover as many hidden visitors as possible.

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