A guy complaining about a female co-worker’s haircut is reported to HR, eventually getting him fired.

It’s nice when friends notice when you change something in your appearance, for example, wear new earrings or a new hairstyle, and give compliments. But it’s a completely different thing when a colleague comments on your appearance, especially when you’re not around and when he really doesn’t like the change.

The woman had to listen to her colleague repeatedly tell her that her new haircut didn’t suit her and that she should go back to how she looked before. The woman did not put up with such harassment and, unwittingly, she got the man fired. But it turned out that standing up for herself was unacceptable, as other colleagues believed that she overreacted.

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You can’t even cut your hair without being harassed for it at work, as it seems to this woman.

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Redditor Haircut49 is a woman who has always had long hair but wanted to change her look so she decided to cut it short. As you can imagine, this is a big change in style, and one of her colleagues could not help but notice.

The original poster (OP) was always friendly with this colleague, but they didn’t seem to be close. However, he allowed himself to freely express his disgust at the sight of the woman’s scalp, to which he received an insult in return.

After that, the man wasn’t as rude as he used to be, but he just couldn’t stop commenting on OP’s new haircut and openly expressed his hopes that she would grow her hair out because back then it was so beautiful, like he had the right to dispose like she should look like.

The woman was annoyed that her colleague just couldn’t put up with it and wouldn’t stop bringing it up, so she kept telling him to stop. Her requests meant nothing to the man, so she had to have a serious talk with him about how inadequate he was behaving.

She used to have long hair and wanted to try a short haircut.

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It seemed to work for a while, but the remarks resumed where they left off, this time he apologized, saying they were just jokes. By this point, the OP was done with her idiot colleague and decided that if he didn’t listen to her, maybe he would see HR as more of an authority.

Other colleagues learned of the unfolding drama and accused the woman of overreacting. They couldn’t understand why she didn’t just tell him that it bothered her so much, or threatened him with HR instead of writing a report.

One of her coworkers really disliked this haircut and made sure she knew about it by continuing to tell her about it.

Image Source: Haircut49

We can only imagine that the OP’s frustration can be compared to the frustration of a person calling an IT person who asks if you’ve tried turning your computer off and on to fix a problem. She not only tried to talk to this man, but she had a serious conversation with him, and he even apologized, but apparently he did not really regret his words.

Besides, she didn’t want him fired or any other serious repercussions on his career, and since women’s desires didn’t seem to be enough, she tried to get them confirmed by someone in power.

The woman repeatedly asked the man to stop, and at one point he even apologized, but soon after that he continued to “joke” about it.

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She did the right thing because because of her bravery, 3 other women filed complaints against the same colleague and he was effectively fired. The OP doesn’t know what he did to those other women, but he guessed it was something serious or she doesn’t believe he would have been fired.

We don’t really know where the OP came from, but in the UK this person’s behavior would be seen as harassment because, according to Equality Act 2010.

All voices, a platform for employees to communicate with their employers, conducted a survey in an attempt to learn more about workplace harassment. They surveyed 822 (52.8% men and 47.2% women) full-time Americans and found that 44% had experienced harassment and bullying at work, both in person and online, as well as discrimination .

Half of them admitted that they did not report inappropriate behavior. Of those who reported harassment, just over half were satisfied with the resolution, with 34 percent choosing to leave their jobs due to unresolved issues.

So the woman did what seemed logical to her and went to HR to get the man to keep his annoying comments to himself, but got backlash from other co-workers.

Image Source: Haircut49

However, she realized that she had done the right thing when other women complained, and the man was actually fired.

Image Source: Haircut49

You may be wondering why people don’t report behavior that shouldn’t be seen in the workplace. Well, according to Daily HR Advisorthere can be many different reasons, for example, feeling that they could do something to prevent harassment, they may think that no one would believe them anyway, or they witnessed how the company did not support the victim in similar situations, etc. d.

However, Daily business news recommends that you report this behavior anyway, because it may happen that you are not the only victim, and your testimony is the evidence that the company needs to take action. Or you can pave the way for others to speak up, as this Redditor did.

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Why do you think her colleagues were so shocked to hear that the OP had gone to HR even though she was patient enough with the man who insisted her haircut didn’t suit her? Do you think she was too sensitive and should have just ignored her colleague? Let us know your thoughts!

People in the comments were on the side of the woman and thought she made her feelings clear before resorting to reporting to HR.

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