A guy’s booked seat on the train is taken by an arrogant passenger, he does the same with his first class seat because the conductor couldn’t help him

There is an unspoken rule – if you can’t fight something, just lead it. The rule works in many cases – from politics and big business to the smallest situations in life, like traveling in public transport.

After all, if a person is faced with an unpleasant set of circumstances and there is no way to achieve his goal in accordance with the rules, all that remains is to turn the situation in his favor – in strict accordance with the same rules. Someone will call it a deflection under the outside world, someone – reasonable resourcefulness.

For example, like the author original post in the Reddit PettyRevenge community, which in just a few days collected 51.5 thousand votes and almost 1.4 thousand different comments. This story took place on a British railroad, and the original poster really managed to turn the tide in its favor.

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The original poster was traveling from Edinburgh to London, so they booked ahead.

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Image Source: Magnus_40

It turned out that the reserved seat was already taken by another guy who refused to transfer

So the OP was traveling from Edinburgh to London by train. It’s a few hours drive, so we booked a comfortable seat with a table by the window in advance. However, when the passengers entered the car, they were extremely surprised to find that some guy had already taken their place.

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Moreover, three of his friends were sitting around the seat of the hijacker, and he refused to change seats – after all, the car was overcrowded, and the impudent hijacker also did not want to leave his friends. The OP was thinking of asking the ticket inspector for help, but that turned out to be a problem too.

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The ticket inspector told the OP that they have no right to force a seat hijacker to switch seats.

The fact is that the hijacker also had a ticket – however, without being tied to a specific place. At the request of the dispatcher to leave the chair, he flatly refused. As it turned out, according to the rules, the controller has no right to force him to transfer – only the police can do this, but they are unlikely to deal with such a minor problem.

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The OP finally decided to hijack a first class seat instead.

Standing all the way to London was a disappointing prospect, because the carriage, as we have already noted, was overcrowded. But then the OP had a really great insight. They told the controller that they would go to the first class car!

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The controller tried to object that the OP had not booked a seat in first class, but they, in turn, objected in the same words as before. Moreover, the OP now knew that the police would not interfere and the controller had absolutely no right to drop them off.

In general, as the OP summarizes, they did the whole trip to London in a comfortable and cozy first class chair, with a table and a free laptop charger!

People in the comments really admired the OP’s brilliant solution.

The people in the comments were absolutely delighted with the OP’s elegant and ingenious solution to this problem. Some, however, noted that the seat thief was lucky that he was in the UK – after all, in some countries the controller could simply throw the insolent person out of the car.

In fact, as many commentators admit on the basis of personal experience, far from all countries, passengers always pay after the fact – as one of the commentators said, in a crowded carriage of an Italian train, the controller was somehow so surprised that they really paid for the ticket, that they even went and found them a place near the window.

By the way, do you know what is the main difference between this post and the train car? There is always a place for an interesting commentary or even your own story – and let it be an equally exciting story about human resourcefulness even in the most difficult situation!

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