A key safety detail that the deadliest anglers don’t understand, according to Sig Hansen

In an interview with Tim Estiloz, Sig Hansen exposed one of the real dangers of crabbing. “One thing the audience might not understand,” he said, “is that usually, if something bad is about to happen, it will happen right away.”

Deadly Catch viewers can witness a host of disasters quickly escalating on board, whether it’s a mechanical problem, a 700-pound crab trap going out of control, or a fisherman falling overboard. “As I get older,” Hansen continued, “I see more of the dangers that surround me, and I think I’m more afraid of them.”

However, Hansen admitted that he still feels comfortable on the high seas, where he believes he has at least some control over the situation. “There are times when I feel safer on this boat during a storm than in a car on the motorway,” he said. “I know the limits of my boat.” Indeed, only a professional fisherman who has worked for decades can still enjoy the circumstances of life and death. “It’s just not scripted,” Hansen said. Nicki Swift in 2021. “There are so many unknowns out there and that makes it fun. I’ll be 55 years old and feel a surge every time I get up.”

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