‘A life-size crucifix in one of the bedrooms’: Airbnb guest was stunned to find her entire rental home filled with Christian decor

Airbnb rentals used to be a great alternative to staying in a hotel. Having a whole house to yourself, where you can cook your own meals and experience what it really means to live among the locals, can be much cozier than spending nights in a sterile hotel room.

However, lately, many people on the Internet have expressed their dissatisfaction with the rental site. A particular risk with Airbnbs is that you can’t be 100% sure what the space will look like until you arrive. The “Gorgeous Beach Villa” might look nice in the photos, but the owner is unlikely to tell in the description how often the hot water goes out. Similarly, if your host has an ulterior motive to make your stay feel more like a retreat to a Christian church than a vacation, they can easily forget to include that detail too…

Earlier this week, comedian Emily Heller tweeted. video and some Airbnb photos she stayed there five years ago, which made a lasting impression on her. Upon arrival, Emily and her friend found the house filled with crosses and Christian decor. Below you can see the house with your own eyes, as well as read some of the responses Emily received on Twitter and decide if you are willing to stay in this house. We’d love to hear in the comments if you have any shocking Airbnb stories of your own, and then if you’d like to read another KristenBellTattoos.com roasting Airbnb pieces, we have the perfect option Right here.

Earlier this week, comedian Emily Heller relived one of her past Airbnb stops, where upon arrival, she found the house was filled with Christian decorations.

Image credits: Mr Emily Heller

Image credits: Mr Emily Heller

Image credits: Emily Heller

Image credits: Mr Emily Heller

Image credits: Emily Heller

Image credits: Mr Emily Heller

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with being religious and wanting to display your beliefs in your home. It is very common for Christians to decorate their walls with decorative crosses or maybe a quote from a bible verse. But it’s a very different situation where you’re essentially defrauding people who just need a place to stay surrounded by your personal religious beliefs. When was Airbnb created in 2007, it was an innovative solution for many travelers. It was so exciting to suddenly have a choice between hostels and hotels, and the idea of ​​having a whole house for yourself is just mind blowing. The popularity of the site has skyrocketed, and as of December 2021there were over 6 million active ads in over 100,000 cities.

Recently, however, the once-favorite rental site has become the subject of controversy. While Airbnbs used to be a way to save money while traveling, they have now become infamous for charging exorbitant rates and charging hundreds of dollars for cleaning. Hosts sometimes also require guests to clean the space and take out the trash after they leave, even though they paid for the cleaning to stay there. When guests don’t follow their hosts’ instructions to the last letter, they sometimes get even more fines after they check out. Due to the hassle of a demanding host, many travelers have abandoned this service. It might be worth it, but the fact is that many travelers don’t save money by using Airbnb. AT recent Upgrade Points report, they found that among 20 US cities in 17 of them, it was cheaper for guests to stay in a hotel than to rent an “entire place” on Airbnb. And in 3 cities where Airbnb came out cheaper, the price difference was less than $25.

There is no doubt that Airbnb rentals can provide you memorable experience, as Emily made clear in her Twitter thread, but personally, I prefer to be sure that I will be comfortable on the trip than to take risks. While hotels may be less “trendy” these days, they are more in line with their services and prices, and you’ll probably get a great breakfast as well. Let us know in the comments what you think of this Airbnb, and if you’ve ever stayed at a shocking house, we’d love to hear those stories too.

The unique house caused quite a stir on Twitter.

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