A mother is worried about being called a jerk because she wanted to remove a wasp nest from her garden to prevent her 5-year-old son from being stung.

Caring for the environment is great and admirable. Good relations with neighbors are no less great. However, no mother would be a mother if she doesn’t take great care of her child’s safety and health, especially if the child is still young.

Young children are a constant source of potential trouble for themselves, as curiosity almost always trumps their sense of security. It will take time to properly assess the level of potential risk – but for now, all responsibility for their lives and health rests with their parents.

For example, this mother also prioritized her child’s safety above all else, and as a result, it seems she got into a heated argument with her neighbor. The woman told her story in a post Mumsnet’s Am I Being Unreasonable Forum, and most people in the comments supported it. However, let’s not get ahead of things.

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The original poster was upset to discover a nest of wasps in her garden because she was concerned for the safety of her 5-year-old son.

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So it all started at the beginning of summer, when the original poster found a wasp nest in her garden. We must say that the woman was very worried, as she had planned for her 5-YO son to spend a lot of time outside this summer.

The fact is that the boy is disabled, and the garden is usually a safe place where he spends most of his waking hours, so the mother was quite afraid that the wasp might attack and harm the child.

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According to statistics, the number of wasp attacks is increasing year by year in the 21st century.

It must be said that the OP’s concerns were not entirely unfounded. So, according to National Vital Statistics System for the United StatesPublished in 2019, the number of deaths caused by wasps and similar insects in the country has increased almost every year during the two decades of the 21st century. And these figures still don’t take into account the potential health problems caused by allergies after a wasp sting.

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“Not all allergic reactions are life-threatening, so mild reactions in the area of ​​the sting can usually be treated at home,” says Jean Conti, MD, of Halifax Regional Medical Center in Halifax, North Carolina. Called Emergency Medicine at the Medical Center. one Interview with Daily Health. Nevertheless, the OP had serious concerns because her son already has health issues.

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The OP called pest control and they removed the nest from her garden.

So, the woman called an exterminator, who filled the nest with poison powder, after which she removed it from the garden. More trouble later came when her elderly neighbor called the OP after she saw several dead baby shoulders in her bathroom, covered in the same pest control powder.

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One of the neighbors called the OP “evil” for poisoning the baby’s shoulder

The neighbor was angry and called the OP’s actions “evil”, ignoring the mother’s words that she was only concerned about her son. The neighbor said the mother could keep the baby indoors, waiting for the wasps to leave the garden. After all, the OP says, she didn’t want to let wasps ruin her son’s summer.

However, most commenters supported the OP and told him that he did almost everything right.

However, most people in the comments supported the OP, noting that the only thing she did wrong was not warning the neighbors in advance about the incoming pest control. After all, when wasps fly in through your bathroom window, covered in a poisonous powder, it’s not exactly a pleasant thing.

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According to some commenters, it’s pretty silly for a neighbor to call the OP “evil” for killing the wasps – after all, we don’t think it’s bad for swatting flies ourselves! And one of the commenters also noted that when they had wasps in their garden too, they feared for their little ones. In general, most think the OP did everything right.

Now we’d like to know: What do you think of the OP’s behavior? Perhaps you too have had to deal with wasps in your garden and perhaps even their stings? As always, we look forward to your comments and, perhaps, some similar stories.

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