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A powerful bikini photo taken by Paulina Porizkova highlights the difference between two common terms that are intertwined: narcissism and confidence.

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Porizkova uploaded a photo with a touching caption on September 8, opening it with the words: “Let’s talk about celebrity narcissism, which I am guilty of more than anyone else. Is it that narcissists are naturally drawn to a life in the spotlight or that the spotlight creates them? From experience: if you have this inclination, then the spotlight will not only suit you, but will be able to support it like nothing else.

The former supermodel said: “There’s a certain level that’s really needed and it’s a little over the top for most others. If you are known for being an artist or entertainer, your craft requires a certain level of narcissism.”

“You need to dig deep within yourself to pull things out and share them. This is a lot of time that you spend alone with yourself. You must also trust that what you are offering is important, that all the time spent on what others would consider contemplation of the navel is well spent. And you must have thick skin to withstand whatever is thrown at you. All of this requires either great confidence or narcissism,” she said. “And both are superficially similar, but on opposite sides of the spectrum.”

She ended her strong statement with, “What really sets them apart is the ability to listen, to hear. A confident person can process new information, a narcissist will brush it off. The self-confident will take charge, the narcissist will point the finger. The confident will learn, the narcissist will never. One will become more beautiful with age, the other bitter and lonely. I’m working on it!”

In the photo, we see Porizkova flaunting a leopard print bikini in the backyard, her butt looking at the camera. Her gray hair blows in the wind as she shows off her toned body.

Porizkova is known for dropping truth bombs, educating the public about how to age gracefully, the confidence battle that goes with it, and how we as a society can combat ageism. We really like her new reflections on the differences between narcissism and confidence and how she works on herself. Her vulnerability is one of the many reasons why people are drawn to her and her social media!

In an interview with CBS This Morning in 2020 for Closer weekly Porizkova spoke about aging in the public eye, saying, “We’re having, like, a strange period between [Jennifer Lopez] looks amazing and then Betty White. And between them there is something like a dead zone. So, I’m trying to fill this dead zone!”

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