A Queen’s Funeral: The World Reacts to Peter Overton and Tracey Grimshaw’s Liz Truss Gaffe

An embarrassing mistake during Nine’s live broadcast of the Queen’s funeral last night caught the world’s attention.

Nine Ethereal Personalities Peter Overton and Tracey Grimshaw failed to recognize new British Prime Minister Liz Truss as she stepped out of her car to attend the funeral.

“So this is a significant motorcade, as we are now being told. Come with us while we try to identify who’s getting out of the car. Of course, accompanied by the police. I would guess it could be a member of the royal family, Tracy,” Overton said.

But when Miss Truss showed up, the couple were stumped: “It’s hard to identify. Maybe minor members of the royal family, members… I can’t identify them at the moment…

Shortly thereafter, Overton relayed the information they had just received.

“I was told that in the distance was Liz Truss, the new prime minister, she saw her jump out of the car. Thank you very much for this information,” he said.

This unfortunate mistake quickly made international headlines. Telegraph describing it as “a toe-bending moment”.

Liz Truss humbled when TV hosts mistook prime minister for ‘minor royalty’ – Scottish newspaper. National wrote.

Social media users also jumped at the gaffe, with some finding the mistake amusing while others ridiculed the TV presenters.

“I even know what Liz Truss looks like now, but in any case, I’m sure she was busy in Australia,” American science fiction writer Alexander Chee wrote on Twitter.

One person wrote: “I’m not sure if this is the Liz Truss mic removal that people are sharing. Of course, all of this shows that the Australian presenters were ill-prepared to comment on the funeral.”

Another person stated that the error showed the “underdevelopment” of the Australian media.

“I make everyone dip into Liz Truss’s empty dress for being unknown. But it kind of shows the local and half-hearted nature of the Australian media,” they said.

“If the BBC cannot identify the Prime Minister of any country, it would be shameful unprofessionalism.”

Others have suggested that Overton’s and Grimshaw’s failure to recognize the Prime Minister reflected badly on Britain’s global position.

“Watched videos from Australian TV channels with no idea who the fun #LizTruss is; but also tells us how much of a joke our government has become over the past six years. Terrible PM from the second,” said one person.

After the gaffe, Overton and Grimshaw moved on to Nine co-stars Karl Stefanovic, Ellie Langdon and UK royal expert Dickey the Arbiter.

They acknowledged that their British guest could have better noticed the arriving celebrities.

“Carl and Ellie and Dicky, especially Dicky, I think you’ll notice these faces and get to know them better than we do,” Overton said.

Ms Truss was, of course, the last world leader photographed with the Queen during the monarch’s last official duty, just 48 hours before her death.

The Queen has formally appointed Mrs Truss as the new Prime Minister with a special audience at Balmoral.

The 6 September meeting was the first time the Queen had held an event outside London or Windsor.

In the last months of her life, she was transferred to Balmoral due to concerns about her mobility.

– With Nick Bond

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