A recap of the second episode of the Inferno single: Who Goes to Heaven?

As Ji-a had predicted, it’s only getting hotter.

We are in hell again and are ready to solve the mystery of the mailbox with three banknotes.


For a quick recap of Episode 1, click here. And be warned SPOILERS AHEAD!

Last time we settled on a cliffhanger. Who got three notes of interest in their mailbox? Siyon or Ji-ah?

No wonder it was Ji-ah.

This means that Ji Young didn’t get anything.

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Strange considering how much the guys liked her.

The room is a little awkward.

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Poor Ji Young is shell-shocked. She deserved the best!

Everyone is busy in the morning. Well, almost everything.

At breakfast Si-hun notices that Ji-a is missing and goes to look for her. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Jin Taek and Seo Young at the table.

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Ye-won is spinning them like the queen she is, not letting last night’s disappointment take her down!

Ji-ah and Ji-young are busy preening. Si-hoon (in whom both Ji-yeon and Ji-a have shown interest) is waiting outside … Ji-a.

Jin Taek courts Ye Won and Seo Yeon by reciting a short poem, which is another point in Seo Yeon’s book for him.

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Remember last night she wrote to Sehun, who also wrote to her. But Jin Taek wrote to Seo Young and it looks like he managed to convince her!

While Se Hoon and Si Hoon crowd with Ji Young and ask her questions.

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Okay, seriously? None of you texted her last night, but now you want her attention! At least Xi-hung seems to remember something of her.

Ji-ah and Hyun-joon flirt in their own weird way, while Hyun-joon compares himself to a puppy who will come when Ji-ah calls and guesses her blood type.

All flirting is interrupted by a Hellish Singles Master who summons the lonely ones to the beach to play a game. Men race through the water to capture flags, while women watch.

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The winner gets the opportunity to ask two girls out on a date where they all share a brunch and iced Americano. Coffee!!! Huge prize.

Xie Hong absolutely overwhelms the competition.

The brunch looks delicious. But who will Sehun share this with?

Surprise! This is Ji-young and Ji-ah. Well, Ji Young is not shocking. But Ji-a is. Even stranger, he kind of ignores her and pays attention to Ji Young.

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But that’s okay because Ji-ah got her coffee, so she won anyway! She’s probably wondering what Hyun Joong is up to.

Well, according to Si-hoon, Hyun-joon is hiding because he is upset about losing.

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He must have really wanted to be alone with Ji-ah.

And poor Ji-ah is still watching Se-hoon’s moon (no pun intended!) Over Ji-yeon.

Jin Taek continues to search for Seoyeon at every opportunity, telling her that she is the only one who interests him.

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Is it genuine? Or is he just trying to go to heaven? Remember, only couples who pick each other can go.

Soon after, it was time to pick couples and head to heaven. The girls are given tickets to put in the mailboxes of the guys with whom they would like to go to Paradise.

Then the guys go to the fire and say who they would like to go to Paradise with. If they choose a girl who also chose them, the girl will come out and walk away with them.

Hyun Joon goes first.

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He chooses Ji-ah, of course.

And Ji-a comes out, choosing him too.

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They honestly look so cute together. I’m rooting for them!

But it becomes embarrassing when, moments later, Jun-sik also says that he wants to go with Ji-ah.

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Escape from Inferno is not as easy as he thought. Sorry June Sik.

And then both Si-hoon and Se-hoon say that they would like to go to Heaven with Ji-Young.

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Looks like a lot of people are going to get stuck in Inferno.

Ji Young chooses Si Hoon, whom she really showed interest in. I guess brunch with Se Hoon wasn’t enough to win her over!

Se Hoon’s brothers welcome him with open arms and promise a good dinner despite being stuck on Inferno. But he still looks upset.

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He said he was competitive, so it probably stung.

But Jin Taek won’t be here for dinner because he’s going to heaven with Seo Yeon.

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At least all the flirting paid off for one of the guys!

Once again, I am disappointed in all the men for failing Ye-won.

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I know they will regret it!

Looks like she chose Jun-shik, and he chose Ji-a. I think a ray of hope is that now they are both stuck in Inferno together!

While lonely lonely people mope in their bedrooms, happy couples travel to Paradise by helicopter.

Everyone is thrilled with the suites at Paradise.

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Me too, TBH. These are definitely the best hostels in Inferno.

They waste no time enjoying amenities such as room service!

And Si Hoon proves that he really always listens to Ji Young and picks up what she likes, which is so cute.

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He put on a pink shirt just for her!

Back in Inferno, Ye-won tries to cheer everyone up as they eat dinner.

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Always stay positive! Queen!

But Sehun seems eager to feel sorry for himself.

Ji-ah and Hyun-joon are enjoying the feast and getting to know each other better. It’s time to find out each other’s age and profession!

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Ji-a is 25 years old, as Hyun Joon, 28, correctly guessed. I think she can still call him Oppa!

Ji-ah reveals that she is a beauty blogger on YouTube with 500,000 subscribers.

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She also majored in Korean Traditional Dance and graduated from Hanyang University.

Unsurprisingly, Hyun Joong is a fitness trainer and model. Ji-ah even guessed both of his professions correctly.

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Is this a six or eight pack?

Seo Yeon and Jin Taek seem to enjoy each other’s company, go for a swim, and then order room service in their robes. But everything changes when they find out each other’s age.

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Jin Taek is 30 and Seo Young is 34. She’s not used to young boys.

Seo Young and Jin Taek have their own businesses.

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Jin Taek owns a tailor shop and Seo Yeon owns a boxing gym.

And despite the age difference, Jin Taeck is not backing down.

But in the preview for Seo Yeon’s next episode, it is said that she cannot go to Heaven, and Jin Taek seems to be leaving …

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Could he lie to her?

Next time, we hope to find out about Xi Hoon and Ji Young’s ages and professions, as they haven’t revealed them yet. And we’ll see how it was for other couples.

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Looks like we are waiting for another spicy episode!

Aren’t you sending anyone yet? Who do you think will stay together and who will stagger? Let us know in the comments!

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