A recurring backstage visual joke you probably never noticed on SNL

In September 2016, longtime Saturday Night Live production designer Eugene Lee revealed a bunch of the show’s behind-the-scenes secrets. Vanity Fair. He even mentioned a long tradition when it comes to backstage footage that includes a strange array of visual elements. “When we shoot in the hallway, we exit the studio. We always, 99% of the time, have Abe Lincoln in the background, a chorus girl – like Radio City – and a llama. We always have it,” he said. , noting that the joke almost completely disappeared in the 1980s and 90s until future talk show host Seth Meyers joined the writing team in 2001 and brought it back to full strength.

Considering how long this visual joke has been going on, one can imagine that Saturday Night Live has gone through quite a few llamas over the years. However, few have reached the level of fame among fans of the show as Pierre, who made several appearances along with various hosts and walked the many corridors backstage. Unfortunately, in March 2022 it became known that Pierre passed away – upsetting news many “SNL” viewers on Reddit. “Oh man, he was great in that Kevin Hart skit,” u/ashxn wrote, while u/Idina_Menzels_Larynx commented, “They should do a parody dedicated to him.”

Lama, Abraham Lincoln and a chorus girl – an odd combination in the same room. However, on the set of Saturday Night Live, such a sight is not uncommon.

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