A sign put up by GameStop employees saying they are all quitting because of their toxic manager goes viral

The video game industry is huge. Having been valued at $201 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to $435 by 2028, you can’t help but admire this achievement.

Those who participate as patrons and recipients of video game services are usually grateful for the great experience it has and continues to provide.

Hence, it is always painful to hear stories of employee abuse in the industry. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the developers of a well-known brand or company, or an employee of a game store.

This is the story of the latter. A certain GameStop store was recently temporarily closed due to the layoff of employees after they were fed up with the direct manager and the conditions of the store. All that remained was an “open letter” to the patrons of the store.

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It always hurts to hear stories of employee abuse in the gaming industry, and it’s even worse when it doubles in retail.

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A few days ago a photo A detailed notice of the GameStop store door has begun circulating on Reddit. According to the information provided in the post, this particular GameStop is located in Gateway Mall, Lincoln, Nebraska.

The notice was addressed to GameStop visitors, explaining why the store’s doors suddenly closed and locked (and the key was probably thrown away too, but probably not).

As it turned out, the employees of this institution decided to leave and never return because of the complete disrespect for them as people from the district manager.

GameStop employees in Lincoln, Nebraska recently left their jobs, leaving this open letter to attendees.

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Now former employees claimed that they had unattainable goals. In particular, these were specific sales plans that should have been completed 6 months ago, while almost the entire staff was hired only 3 months ago. We mentioned that it was second or technically third release this year?

Anyway, the store was closed and the notice told visitors to take their business elsewhere, such as EntertainMart in the same mall, Gamers and GameRoom at various locations around the city.

The note ends with the words: “Spend your money in an institution that respects its employees.”

Apparently, the district manager expected the people to achieve impossible goals, which has led to numerous strikes to date.

Kotaku contacted the now former store manager, Frank Maurer, who explained that he had left for health reasons. Working conditions in the store caused him a lot of stress and anxiety, which inevitably led to problems with sleep and affected his love of games.

You see, the business had a lot of problems. Insane management quotas combined with a lack of resources to meet said quotas made it impossible to work. This is due to the fact that he was not properly prepared for the job, as Frank was only recently promoted to manager.

In addition, on one occasion he also had to work for two consecutive weeks with no days off to keep the store open and operational. When he asked for support, he didn’t get it – only silence.

The district manager wasn’t much of a help either, as he was said to be constantly threatening, verbally abusing, and reprimanding people for their “failure” to reach their already unattainable goals. All the manager cared about was the numbers – everyone and everything else was just an asset that was easy to replace.

The former store manager explained that there were not enough resources to meet the huge quotas, and that was on top of lack of training, verbal abuse, and other problems.

Image credits: Michelle Ngilen (photo not real)

KristenBellTattoos.com contacted a former GameStop employee at the SouthPointe Pavilions mall who has the same area manager as the Gateway Mall store and was also on strike. This man was really the one who wrote a sign saying they’ve abandoned everything at Southpoint.

Their story about the regional manager seemed to match Frank’s:[The district manager] set unreasonable targets for daily bonus sales and emailed us several times a day about why we weren’t dating.”

“It came to a head when he showed up in person at Southpoint one night while I was working and scolded me for two hours. What matters is that he told me that he could replace all of us with fresh high school graduates, pay them less and get better results. He gave the same speech to my store manager and colleague the next morning when we decided that we would all leave in protest.”

“I think it really has to do with company culture. Since then there have been previous strikes and strikes and I have seen other people go out on social media with the same story. I would call it an epidemic of bad corporate culture,” explained a former Southpointe store employee.

They also explained that while they are no longer aware of the issue, there are speculations that nothing has actually changed and it is likely nothing will change because there is a degree of nepotism in GameStop’s governance structure.

The digital notification made its way to several subreddits, including r/Antiwork, r/WallStreetBets (remember all that GameStop investment?), r/Lincoln, and even r/GameStop. And people there talked a lot about it.

Overall, people cheered on the few teams that left and glued to a man. One user pointed out that it will all be on the regional manager now, resulting in good karma, depending on who you are in that situation. Oh and you gotta give props the same commentator. who said: “Congratulations! The boss has been defeated and the dungeon cleared! +10,000 points!”

You can read the post in full here, and you can check out other r/Antiwork tech posts here. But don’t quit just yet, as we haven’t heard your thoughts and opinions on this yet in the comments section below!

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