A Star Wars character who constantly appears in South Park

While Parker and Stone include numerous references to the cult space opera throughout their show, one of their longest-running Easter eggs is Chewbacca’s appearance on Halloween.

The trend started in Season 1, Episode 7.”pink eyeIn the episode “Halloween”, Kyle dressed up as Chewie and hoped to impress the rest of his classmates with his unique costume. Garrison states that this is a popular costume this year. Chewbacca Defense in a court case. In the 3rd season, 10th episode “Korn’s Clockwork Pirate Ghost Mystery“Kenny is determined to win the costume contest and arrives in a fully functioning robotic combat vehicle. He still manages to lose as Wendy takes first place in the competition with a simplified Chewbacca costume. Viewers may notice similar outfits in the background of other Halloween episodes. .

Why Parker and Stone included so many Chewbacca cameos in South Park, aside from their enjoyment of Star Wars, is still a mystery. The duo often use the wonderfully offensive show as a vehicle to express many of their own opinions, as seen in Randy’s argument in episode 5 of season 20, which concerns and partially blames The Force Awakens on the 2016 election result (through the Decider), the argument echoes Stone’s correlation between the two (via call).

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