A woman confronts and tells her hypocritical best friend that she should not be surprised that men are not interested in her.

Why do you need best friends if you don’t tell the truth, no matter how ugly and terrible it may be. How wise and very the old king Solomon once wrote: “The wounds of a friend are true, but the kisses of the enemy are false.” It takes courage to hurt your friend with a reality he really doesn’t want to hear – cheating on the groom or out of fashion Juicy Couture tracksuits. Unsurprisingly, it also makes you feel like a real jerk.

Like the 26-year-old South Carolina who felt terrible after arguing with her best friend over her endless groans that she would never find her Prince Charming. As the author of the story says on “I’m in a hole‘subreddit, as much as she tried to help or put things in perspective, her best friend’s naive understanding of her best friend’s attractiveness was “not very realistic.”

And then one day, hearing the same joke, she ran out of patience, and she told her friend what everyone was thinking about, but could not tell … This is how it goes.

Being a best friend means sometimes you have to be a jerk and tell the bitter truth to your best friend.

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One of the redditors shared how and why she had to tell her dear and lonely best friend that she would not interest the guy.

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Although it has been a month since the author’s decision was deemed sane and justified by a group of members of the group “Am I The A-Hole”, it often happens that these difficult things at the time lead to better. This is why KristenBellTattoos.com reached out to the author to see if things had improved.

“The last conflict did not have much impact, at least not on her side,” Bored panda told the author. “But it made me a little less sympathetic, and she knows it.” As many might have guessed, the resentment her best friend Kim exudes has turned away many, including most of their mutual friends.

This is what the Internet said about the drama.

“Jealousy” (her words, not mine) and the words of disappointment that she uses when all the attention is attracted by the women around, but not her – this is too much for many of our friends, which they cannot deal with on a regular basis. So this is what I suffer the most because I am the only one in our group of friends who is married and she really wants it. “

Despite the fact that she did everything in her power – washing and styling her friend’s hair, going shopping – nothing helped. The situation seemed irreparable, unlike her friend’s damaged hair. “I feel like she is still in the denial phase of weight gain and would rather just lose weight instead.” Problem? Her friend shows no sign that she appreciates support, suggesting that sabotage itself is at stake, as some users have suggested.

However, Sheila Robinson-Kiss, MSNBC’s award-winning mental health expert and founder of the Rebalancing America and Beyond Initiative, takes a slightly different view. “As unpleasant as her situation may be to some, if this is really what her friend is feeling, she should be left alone. I guarantee she will find a mate, ”Robinson told KristenBellTattoos.com, adding that low self-esteem or sabotage has nothing to do with this woman’s dilemma.

On the contrary, despite what her best friend or the Internet thinks, Robinson believes the problem is different. “The problem is her friend. This person seems content, apart from complaints about the partnership, ”we are told. “If this person were my client, I would not try to convince her how beautiful she is and what she would have if she dressed up.” Instead, Robinson will look at this particular case from a different angle – one that becomes obvious and inspiring when you read her Psychology Today blog. ”They don’t go‘. “What do you get if you DO NOT take care of yourself?” This is what I will try to solve first, ”wrote Robinson in an email. “I would advise her to stop complaining about what she creates, because if she doesn’t stop being a victim, she will soon become a victim without friends. Nobody likes whiners. ” Tough love.

We have no doubt that Robinson is right. However, it is always best to approach such complex cases from different angles. And one Yaela Orelowitz practicing Drama therapy who specializes in women’s issues and self-esteem, often applying Jung’s theory, raises a lot of meaning. “It seems to me that this person can come to terms with his own understanding of what it means to be a woman and his own resistance to the feminine principle,” Orelowitz told The KristenBellTattoos.com of Mexico. “As far as I understand, she cannot enter into a stable relationship as a whole, because she is dealing with an internal conflict.”

Upon learning that this issue arose just after the author’s friend turned 30, the two mental health experts we spoke to were divided. Based on his experience, Robinson argues that age has nothing to do with self-esteem problems. “People of all ages and ages face such a mindset. Ultimately, the quality of our longing for love and acceptance is a reflection of the bitter struggle we have to love ourselves. ” Orelowitz agrees with Robinson that the laws of attraction depend a lot on self-love. However, she also believes that age may be a much more important factor in this situation. “She is over 30 years old, which is a particularly important time for most women. Something shifts at 30 when women say, “Now I am in charge of my own life,” Orelowitz said. “This resistance that the author describes makes sense at 30 years old.”

Finally, Robinson presents us with a silver lining. “It’s much better if she waits and meets the person who receives her in a baseball cap, baggy pants and a half-eaten pizza crust on the living room floor as she really is. Believe it or not, there is someone for all of us. “

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