A woman demands to be taken to her “4th floor room” of a 3-story hotel with a fake booking, the receptionist maliciously obeys and takes her to the rooftop

Working at the front desk in any establishment can be both a blessing and a curse. Although you are the face of a company or institution, you are also a kind of gatekeeper who needs to deal with everything that fate throws in your way.

The intern shared the story of their days as they worked at the hotel front desk and dealt with one client who simply refused to admit that she had been cheated, so a malicious consent followed.

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Surely anyone who has worked at the front desk has at least a few stories of “bad customers”.

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Reddit user u / bearjcc visited the r / MaliciousCompliance community, a subreddit dedicated to the letter, but not necessarily the spirit of the request, to share the story of how he dealt with a particularly rude and stubborn customer while working at a hotel reception.

The said customer apparently came with a reservation, for which she said she paid good money. Unfortunately for her, the hotel did not book rooms with third parties, let alone accommodate in a hotel with a different name and those located on the 4th floor of a 3-storey hotel. Yep, it was a fraudulent booking. And this is in addition to the fact that the hotel was fully booked for the night.

And this front desk clerk shared one of them, adding additional revenge in the form of malicious submission to it.

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The woman just rushed in, started lugging her luggage, slapped the booking slip at the front desk, and rushed to get even more luggage. Assuming that the protagonist of our story would complete all the formalities while she was getting ready, she returned and saw that nothing had actually been done.

After a while, trying to explain that this was a different hotel, they did not book rooms with third parties, there was no fourth floor, etc. we add that she had an order and wanted to be escorted to her room.

So be it. Signal of malicious compliance.

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The OP grabbed a large set of keys, lifted her luggage, lifted it to the third floor (the elevator was broken), indicating that it was the 3rd floor, and then opened a door that did not look like a hotel room door. , and took the client and her luggage to the alleged 4th floor, which turned out to be a roof.

“… Here comes the fourth floor, hopefully as good as the last time you stayed here,” said the malleable front desk clerk. And then he left her there.

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Some time later, he returned to check on the patron of the roof, who by that time was no longer there, and locked the door. She must have left through another exit. And of course the OP would have helped her if it weren’t that hard, but that’s what it is, and it turned out to be a great story for the web.

So great that it has garnered just over 17,000 votes for over 50 Reddit awards. Needless to say, people loved it and applauded the perfectly executed malevolent element of conformity. Others shared their own experiences, while others, also working in the reception area, wanted them to do the same.

Image credits: Bearjcc

You can check the story as well as people’s reactions in the original post. here… Or, you can read any other Compliance Malicious Story we’ve already covered here. But before you leave, share with us your thoughts on this malicious tactic of dealing with annoying hotel guests in the comments section below!

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