A woman honors her mother’s wish to hand over her last $700 to her younger, “parasitic” sister by maliciously complying

Mortality sucks, but life goes on for everyone who isn’t in this predicament. And as soon as people pay their last debt to those who are no longer with us, everything returns to reality. A reality that includes all the formalities that follow a funeral, such as a will.

One Redditor recently shared a story about how his aunt dealt with her mother’s – his grandmother’s dying wish – to give all her money to her youngest daughter, another aunt of OP. Note that she is known in the family as a huge whore and a “parasite”, so the way the money was delivered had to be special.

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Inheritance is always bittersweet, but can sometimes turn into an entertaining plot through malicious compliance.

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So, Reddit user u/JoeMondo, with whom KristenBellTattoos.com contacted for an interview, went to the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit to share a story about his grandmother, his family, and how the testament was carried out.

You see, OP had an immigrant grandmother who had to drop out of school when she was 12 after her own mom passed away. As the eldest, she took care of her younger siblings, so education was not a priority. Hence, although she got married, had children, and even worked outside the home, it was enough to make ends meet.

Joe said of his children that they were very intelligent people, with the exception of one – the youngest daughter, his aunt, whom the family considered a parasite. This was because she had no problem taking everything from her grandmother, even with her subscription debts, and just running away.

One Reddit user shared a story in which his aunt was asked to give $700 to a “slacker’s sister” as an inheritance from her late mother. Nobody said howalthough

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The story goes that the grandmother loved her children unconditionally, but there was one daughter who took advantage of it.

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Although the grandmother was considered a wise woman, she could never say no to her children. So the extortion went on without any restrictions, to the point where it looked like she was taking advantage of her.

Unfortunately, the venerable woman fell ill with cancer. All but the youngest daughter came to take care of her. But even then, the grandmother was worried about the younger. As her last wish, she asked if the eldest daughter, another aunt of OP, could pass the $700 or so she had in her name to the parasite daughter.

A sad day came when the family had to leave their grandmother, which also meant that now the eldest daughter had to fulfill her dying wish. But then it dawned on her – she It was pay sister $700, but grandma never explained how.

My sister was very playful, so much so that she often signed credit cards with her mother, and then ran away from obligations.

But since no one in the family loved this sister, and the eldest had to give her the inheritance, she decided to do it in installments …

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… $10 a month for 5 years and 10 months to be exact

So, to make sure the “vampire sister” got her $700 without feeling like she got it, the older one decided to send the money in installments. From $10 per month. After 5 years and 10 months. “I have always admired my older aunt. She knew how to hold a grudge, ”concluded Joe. Pretty smart if you ask me.

“I don’t think it was revenge at all. I think she was in a seemingly impossible position because doing the request (at least in the most obvious way) would also dishonor her mother by engaging in what she would consider to be the misuse of her mother,” Joe explained. the motives behind it. interesting tactic. “One of the reasons I admire her smart decision is that she was able to find a way to comply with the request, but in a way that did not violate her own values. Besides, it’s hard to say that giving the sister money in installments was revenge. She gave it to her, she did her no harm.

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Once the story was out, people flocked to admire OP’s aunt because no one likes parasitic whores. And it also gave Joe the opportunity to provide some context.

We also learn from his answers that the youngest of the sisters tried to kidnap the others, but for the most part it didn’t work. OP’s father fell victim to one of her credit card schemes, which cost him $10,000, but that also meant she was completely cut off.

We also learn that this happened way back in the 90s and that the $10 monthly amount was because it was a very reasonable amount to ensure it would get paid. And also small enough to annoy the hell out of his sister, if you think about it.

Finally, as far as Joe knew, the older aunt gave some information about the money, but not how much. This was right, as it could be used against them. And luckily for OP’s family, no one needed to maintain a relationship with a younger one after grandma’s death.

The Malicious Compliance community laughed and thoroughly enjoyed the story.

Joe clarified that he had no idea if his grandmother would have approved of this malicious, compliant tactic, but he suspected she would.

“The fact that she still had some money means she controlled her youngest daughter’s leech in her own way, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything at all. She could hardly disapprove of the fact that her eldest daughter behaves in her own way.

“In addition, my grandmother chose from all her children one daughter, who many consider the most reliable, the most ethical, and also the most cunning to handle it. So I have to feel that on some level my grandmother, incapacitated by cancer and drugs, passed it on to the person who could handle it best in her absence,” added Joe.

The community loved the story. Aside from all the praise and amazement, people kept asking questions, which the OP was happy to answer, providing more context on the subject. Others discussed the different ways OP’s aunt could have approached this topic with her sister, be it even more vicious or constructive.

But what about the reaction of people who are not part of the MC community, like Joe’s family? We asked him about it and he explained that he didn’t really know it. This was all before the internet, and he lived away from his family so he could keep up with the daily intrigues.

“I’m not even sure how many people knew about it, to be honest. None of the sisters spoke of it. I guess a couple of cousins ​​who were as bad as the younger aunt in their own way might have pretended to be sympathetic, but they were just as interested in themselves as she was, so they didn’t care. Anyone else would understand. And, in the end, you should never come between a Sicilian woman and what she considers her sacred duty, Joe concluded.

Overall, the post garnered quite a bit of attention, garnering over 15,100 upvotes and several Reddit awards. By the way, you can read this in context herealong with all the answers, and why not also check out the other malicious compliance stories we’ve covered in the past?

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