A woman sets a “sparkle trap” for a curious mother-in-law to catch her in the act, wondering if she’s gone too far

Glitter is the secret ingredient to help you solve riddles and get revenge. Don’t believe us? I hope this true story posted on the popular AITA subreddit changes your mind.

No one likes it when someone looks at their personal belongings and accounts, especially if you’ve set hard boundaries on them. Unfortunately, some people are happy to violate your boundaries and ignore any privacy requests you may have.

Redditor u / itsbettertobelucky there was a very peculiar story share to the Internet. A story about a glitter trap, a spying mother-in-law, and many family dramas. Scroll down to the full story filled with emotion and let us know in the comments if you think what the redditor did was totally justified or if you think revenge has gone too far.

Oh, and be careful not to get the glitter on you dear Pandas – it’s all over the place and we can’t get rid of it!

Glitter is a very powerful weapon capable of stopping even the most curious mother-in-law.

Image credits: Gregory Win (photo not actually)

One of the redditors shared how she looked brilliant as a possible solution when her tracking MIL did not respect her boundaries.

The redditor made a small update for the AITA community after her post went viral.

Redditor shared how her spying mother-in-law continued to sneak into their bedroom and office after she allegedly “forgot” how to get to the bathroom. This repeated over and over again, so she fitted the outside door handle with a lock.

However, the author’s husband did not believe her about spying on her MIL, so u / itsbettertobelucky decided to prove to him that she was not just paranoid. So she started by covering the doorknob with a beautiful sheen. It was very clear that MIL was trying to slip away from the condition of her hands, but that didn’t make her stop. She just wasn’t embarrassed!

Therefore, u / itsbettertobelucky decided to arrange a small trap to punish an inquisitive woman. She hung a small shiny envelope over the door through which her MIL was always trying to get through. Result? Priceless! Naturally, the mother-in-law exploded due to the fact that she was now covered in glitter and covered all her hair.

Things were heating up, and MIL even accused the Redditor of “destroying” her car. Imagine taking all the gloss off the front seat! What a nightmare.

Later, however, everything went surprisingly well. After the story went viral on Reddit, the author’s husband saw it and read all the comments well and for a long time. This whole conversation was an eye-opener for him and they both plan to start therapy for the couple in January to deal with their problems.

What’s more, the Reddit editor hasn’t given up glitter as a potential solution to many life’s problems. She plans to obtain glitter from biodegradable cellulose for her future projects. What’s more, she’s thinking about installing a camera in her home and even printing out fake documents to keep her MIL from tracking her.

Clearly, not everyone loves glitter. And sometimes even law enforcement agencies intervene. For example, one man from Ohio called the police after receiving a Christmas card full of sparkle. One of the officers realized that the man was the victim of a prank and was sent a postcard with a shiny bomb.

“However, the resident did not like it. He asked to keep the incident report, ”writes Cleveland.com.

On the other hand, glitter can be a great deterrent, not only for border-defying husbands’ parents, but also for criminals. Former NASA and Apple engineer Marc Robert created massive shiny bomb to fool any nefarious villains who would like to steal your Amazon and other delivery packages. Truly, brilliance is the power of good, isn’t it, dear Pandas?

Internet users have had a lot of fun reading the glitter story. Here’s what they said about the family drama

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