A woman who refused to let go of a client who booked a year in advance so the parents could go on a trip without a dog is being called a jerk.

We all know someone who believes the world revolves around their wants and needs.

It could be your superior who expects you to make work a top priority, regardless of all the contingencies in your life. Perhaps an overly adventurous neighbor who has a problem with a tree growing in your yard; Or, in this case, a family member who demands you cancel your commitments and watch your pet simply because they don’t want to take it with them on their last-minute trip.

Such people act as if everyone owes them something. They are not shy and throw a fit when things don’t go their way. Also, they are known to not apply the same set of rules to themselves – they have a god complex if you will.

Cutting off relationships with people who have an entitlement mentality will help you keep your sanity, but it’s not always possible, and sometimes, standing up for yourself is all you have to do. Is.

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You are not obligated to prioritize someone else’s needs just because they are a family member.

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AITA for refusing to cancel clients to help my parents go on holiday without the dog?” – This netizen took to one of Reddit’s favorite communities and wondered if her folks could go on vacation without their 15-year-old beagle mix so as not to disappoint her clients. The post has received 3K upvotes and 227 comments discussing the situation.

The woman questions whether she is wrong not to cancel her clients so her parents can take a vacation without their dog

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OP’s parents decided to go on a last-minute trip and asked her to pet-sit their 15-year-old beagle mix.

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The author begins his post by revealing that he owns a business that provides dog walking and house/pet sitting services. He is the only employee and usually the books are out for 6 to 9 months. She tries to accommodate last minute bookings, but it’s not something she can always work around her schedule – however, the woman is very clear and honest with her clients about this.

In June, her parents decided they wanted to go on vacation. They booked two separate weeks and asked her to see their 15-year-old beagle mix. The OP had a cancellation for the first week and was able to help them – however, the second week was booked almost a year in advance, and she made it clear that she wouldn’t be available.

She was able to accommodate the first set of dates – however, the second set was booked almost a year in advance.

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The first set of dates approached, and suddenly OP was told she would also be watching her sister’s 3-month-old puppy. She was expected to supervise the overly energetic dog and keep his “shenanigans to a minimum” around her parents’ 15-year-old dog. She was also responsible for keeping their eating areas separate to avoid any quarrels. The dogs don’t live together regularly, and the woman admitted that it was stressful and a lot to handle since the decision to leave the dog was made at the last minute.

The second set of dates was approaching, and the author was asked if she was excited to see the dog.

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The OP reminded her mom that she was booked and later received a text accusing her of jeopardizing their trip.

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The second set of dates was approaching, and the author picked up a few dogs and took them for a walk around her parents’ neighborhood. Her mom found them and asked if she was pumped to see the bagel mix in two weeks. Again, the OP reminded her that she had booked those days with another dog – Mom rolled her eyes and begged to cancel.

Naturally, the author of the post wasn’t canceling just because her parents decided to travel at the last minute — plus, they were going somewhere dog-friendly, so Not that they can’t take their dog. With them, they just did not prefer. The OP’s lovely mother texted him a few hours later, criticizing him for jeopardizing their trip.

What do you think about this situation? If you were in OP’s position, would you cancel your clients?

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