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That Netflix revival Gilmore girls gave us four action-packed episodes of Snowy Stars Hollow, Rory rushes to London to have an affair with Logan, Luke and Lorelai get married, and Kirk comes up with another bizarre business idea. Fans loved returning to this cute town, even if we all had our own thoughts about why these episodes weren’t quite the way we wanted them to be. It was still great to get back to Lorelai and Rory and their funny dialogue.

There is no news about season 2 Year in lifeand fans are definitely saddened by this. But we can still look back at this hilarious revival and learn more about it. Keep reading to find out about Netflix Actor Salaries. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel made a lot of money on “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”

Lauren Graham has a large net worth and looks like she made a really good amount of money playing Lorelai Gilmore.

Concerning Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel Year in life salary, each of them received $ 750,000 for each episode. Diversity… Since there were four episodes, that’s roughly $ 3 million.

While the salaries of the other actors appear to be unknown, it seems like the stars would be well paid as they are a key part of the show.

The other actors are definitely rich. In accordance with Celebrity net worth Scott Patterson has a net worth of $ 15 million, Kelly Bishop has $ 4 million, and Melissa McCarthy is a very well-established movie star with a net worth of $ 90 million.

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Gilmore Girls salaries

It has been widely reported that Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel seem to have gotten a hefty boost for Netflix’s resurgence, as Lauren Graham is said to have paid $ 50,000 for each episode of the OG show. People think Alexis was paid the same because she and Lauren were two big stars.

Gilmore girls ended because of a salary discussion, in accordance with List, and there was no consensus on how much the actors would be paid if season 8 came out.

In accordance with Bustle, the late Edward Hermann, who played Rory Richard’s grandfather, spoke to the author of the book about the series and explained that his daughter was unhappy with the end of season 7. The actor said, “When I asked about the problems, she said,“ It’s over. It’s just over and nothing is decided! Is she marrying Luke? What’s HAPPENING? to make a film about it? Explaining that the show didn’t belong to us didn’t soften her. And it still hasn’t softened. I have a feeling that millions of children (and mothers!) Feel the same way. “

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What did Scott Patterson do for The Year in the Life?

Scott Patterson talks about his career and said Wealthmanagement.com that he actually slept in his car sometimes because he didn’t have enough money, at least until he became Luke Danes. The actor said, “I was a bit of a cowboy and I loved gambling.”

Scott said he started investing and learning more about money and responsibility. When asked about Year in life, he mentioned that he makes a lot of money from those four episodes of Netflix, although he did not go into details about his salary.

Scott said, “It’s always nice to have a big windfall. It just gives me a better position for retirement; it puts my child in a better position. “

Scott also talked about being on the original series and explained, “I was very lucky when I got this job in 2000. But I was old enough to know that lightning probably won’t strike twice, and that I had better be very careful. ” I mean, I lived in a small studio apartment in West Hollywood, paid $ 550 a month, including utilities, and stayed in this little house until 2003. “

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Although, of course, we would be more than happy to see more Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Milo Ventimiglia, who became famous after playing Jess Mariano, looked at this wisely.

In accordance with Us weeklyMilo said in 2017 that it makes sense that at some point this beloved show won’t be around anymore. The actor said, “You can’t have something permanent. You have to admit that there is a time and moment when your favorite show is on and you can see the stories of these characters, but these characters have to go on. These actors who play them, the writers who write them, have to move on. “

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