Aaron Paul is tired of doing it all the way

Jesse Pinkman has a lot of verbal quirks in Breaking Bad. In particular, he is known for the number of times he says “bitch” throughout the series. Whether or not this fad is outdated for fans, it’s definitely outdated for Aaron Paul after five seasons of playing Jessie. On the Reddit “Ask anything,” u/akdigitalism asked Paul if he got tired of saying “bitch” all the time, and the AMA host actor you/teaaronpolanswered simply “Yes”.

According to Guy BibleJessie actually says “bitch” only fifty-four times throughout the series. It may not sound like much, but given that there are sixty-two episodes, he says it on average almost once per episode, which is still too many. Interestingly, Paul didn’t seem to complain about how often he had to say “Yo” as Jesse, even though he said it nearly 500 times. Perhaps it seems like a more natural word to casually slip into conversations in seemingly random places, the way Jesse does with both “bitch” and “yo.”

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