Abby Chatfield criticized Rebel Wilson’s “walk” on the radio

Abby Chatfield read a now-deleted article about Rebel Wilson’s “walk” live last night, furiously listing her troubles with her line by line.

Reality star and podcaster Abby Chatfield criticized the Sydney Morning Herald’s “really disappointing” coverage of actress Rebel Wilson’s new same-sex relationship.

SMX She’s been hit with backlash in recent days after Wilson revealed via her Instagram account last Friday that she was in a relationship with Los Angeles-based fashion designer Ramona Agrumah.

The next day, SMX published an article by gossip columnist Andrew Hornery who revealed he had inside information about the new relationship and contacted Wilson’s team asking them to confirm the news within 48 hours. He said that warning her before revealing her was a “big mistake” because it gave Wilson time to reveal herself.

The response to the column was immediate, and the paper was initially reluctant to back down. SMX editor Bevan Shields writes a note to readers on Sunday, standing at the column and explaining that this is “out of the box news.”

But by Monday SMX changed its position: the column was removed from the Internet, and both Shields and Hornery admitted that they “made mistakes” and “wrongly used their approach” to this story, without issuing a full apology.

talking about her Hot Nights with Abby Chatfield radio show last night, ex Bachelor member – and will be soon masked singer Judge – detailed her problems with the “because deleted” column, line by line.

Chatfield began by congratulating Wilson on her new relationship.

“I don’t know pan, bi, lesbian or whatever, but: Queer queen. Marvelous.”

But she called SMXthe report is “really disappointing” before paraphrasing Hornery’s complaint that Wilson “decided to quote-not quote the ‘gazump’ story and ruin our chances of getting attention and clicks.”

“Oh you poor things“.

Chatfield was particularly outraged by one sentence in which he complained that Wilson had ruined SMXstory by posting about her relationship on Instagram — “the same platform she used to show off her handsome ex-boyfriend.”

“What does that have to do with anything? Are you implying that she’s not gay? Are you implying that she never loved her ex-boyfriend? What’s the point? What do you mean? What. Do. You. Mean? ” she asked.

“The rebel was actually being forced to speak, so she said, ‘Then I’ll just post about it so I can control my narrative and speak on my own terms.’

And Chatfield said she would have done the same if she had been in Rebel’s shoes, explaining that she used her own social media channels to keep the public informed about her personal life before the media could get ahead of her.

“I don’t know if Rebel did it maliciously, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she says, ‘You know what the hell, if they’re going to outsmart me, I’m going to do it myself and I’m going to ruin their story,'” she said. she is.

“She would constantly have to do PR stunts about different things in her life, and that’s something she really shouldn’t be confronted with that way.”

After all, Chatfield said there was a simple lesson to be learned from the entire saga: “Don’t hurt people.”

Chatfield is one of many prominent Australians who have spoken out in defense of the rebels in recent days. Among them is the actress and comedian Magda Szubanski, who made a public appearance in tweeted on Sunday: “Everyone EVERYONE has the right to decide when/whether to go out. In my time. On your own terms.”

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