According to fans, these were the weirdest things that happened at the 2021 Met Gala.

The Met Gala is an annual fundraising gala benefiting the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Every year the event has a theme rich and famous Hollywood show up and show off. While it does benefit the art museum, the red carpet is all about fashion and everyone is seen in their best themed outfits.

This year’s Met Gala took place in New York City on September 13 due to COVID-19 epidemics instead of the first Monday in May. The hosts were Billy Elish and Timothy Chilmet., And the theme museum’s new exhibition, “In America: A Lexical of Fashion,” was an American freedom to celebrate.

It never fails that every year there are certain shapes that people talk about, whether it’s because the celebrity looks amazing or because they scratch their heads. You can always count on Matt Gala to deliver wonderful moments.

According to fans, these were the weirdest things that happened at the Met Gala this year.

Kim, is this you?

Kim Kardashian On the red carpet from head to toe, literally. Star of truth Reminds Harry Potter fans. He was dressed in black and covered his head. She looked almost like a ninja, and it was definitely a conversation between viewers. She walked side by side with the brand’s creator, Dima Gavasalia, dressed like him. It was amazing that people could tell it was Kardashian. He finally took off his veil. After the Justin Bieber partyBut fans were scratching their heads in amazement at how it fits into the theme and why he chose to wear it.

What is Frank Ocean carrying?

Frank Ocean wore a baseball cap that looked like a designer track suit, but fans weren’t talking about it. It was later revealed that he had green hair after taking off his hat and was holding a kind of fake green child, which looked like a stranger child. One fan even said that he was on BB setting duty. Elon Musk’s baby., Because it was named after a strange thing that resembled the name of a stranger. The robot child was wearing a galaxy print dress. We’re not sure why, but it certainly got its attention.

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AOC’s ‘Tax the Rich’ dress.

Alexandria Ocasio Cartes, a U.S. representative from New York’s 14th Congressional District, showed off a beautiful, off-the-shoulder, white dress at the Met Gala with the words “Tax the Rich” printed on it. Ironically? She was at a party. Where you have to be rich to participate. One ticket costs 30,000. And to get a table inside the function? They start at $ 275,000. Online fans have said many different things while editing clothes. Some were on his side, but others saw the irony in it.

Cake Palmer doesn’t know who Brooklyn Beckham is.

Brooklyn Beckham and her fianc, Bates Motel. Star Nicola Peltz attended the Met Gala and was the absolute pair of goals. The Pellets went to see Marilyn Monroe, but the fans weren’t talking about it. The couple was interviewed by Cake Palmer, who was conducting the interview. VOGUE. She knew who Peltz was and asked about her brother, while he seemed completely oblivious to who Beckham was. When asked about the American theme, Peltz mentioned bringing Beckham to the United States, and Palmer asked where he was from, to which Beckham replied, London. Didn’t she know she was the baby of David and Victoria Beckham?

James Corden became obsessed with cake palms.

James Cordon attended the ceremony with his wife, Julia Kerry. And when the two of them were walking the red carpet together, he just did the interview. As Cake Palmer interviewed her, she asked about her outfit, as one of the world’s biggest fashion events, most reporters ask. “Tell me, how did you design this shape?” He asked

“It’s a black tux. Let’s not start drifting,” Corden laughed. He looked a little irritable, so Palmer tried to shed light on the situation by saying, “Oh, weren’t you buying compliments?” “I appreciate it, but it’s a black tux,” he added. Palmer quickly changed the subject.

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Grimes went to the carpet with the book and the sword.

Grimes, the Canadian singer and record producer, came dressed as if ready for battle. One of the few stars who wore a mask on the carpet seemed to be made of metal. To look up, he took one around Mini book and sword, Which confused a lot of people. How did he get past protection with it? He said his appearance was inspired by the novel “Dawn”. Some fans said that she has left herself behind and when she thought she could not be crazy, she went and did it.

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Did Justin Bieber reveal Haley’s pregnancy?

While Justin And Haley Bieber walked on the red carpet, he put his hand on his wife’s belly and he removed it finely but quickly, Which convinced the fans that she is pregnant., But they have not yet revealed. If she’s pregnant, she’s not showing up yet, so Haley probably didn’t want to draw attention to her belly. If she wasn’t, she probably didn’t want people to think she was. Justin looked a little restless after removing his hand and saying something to her. Haley looked straight ahead and posed for pictures. Congratulations if they are pregnant!

Returned to photographer Sean and Camilla.

Sean Mendes and Camilla Cabello had a busy weekend. He attended first. VMAs Turned to the Met Gala on Sunday and then on Monday. And they were stunned by the red carpet. Wearing Michael Kors, the couple saw each other on the red carpet for the first time. The photographers wanted to take a picture and were following them, and since the couple was being photographed by others, they did not immediately look around. You finally see the “Senorita” singers roaming around, but before any photographer can slap their camera in a state of basic frustration. As he walked, Mendes laughed and told him to calm down.

Kim Petras wears a full head on a horse.

Despite what some people say, she understood the assignment, meaning she followed the theme, while others are saying what is in Kim Petras dress? One fan even said it was going to happen. The devil of their new sleep paralysis. Older Westerners and horses were a big part of American culture at the time, but they could go a little differently. The rest of her clothes had flowers and fruit on them and many people didn’t get it at all. His long hair was probably meant to be a horse’s mane, but some people want an explanation of the look.

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