According to ‘Lord of the Rings’ director, Amazon courted Peter Jackson and then became his ghost for ‘Ring of Power’

As Peter Jackson himself said in an interview Hollywood ReporterAmazon contacted him ahead of time to see if he would take part in Rings of Power in any capacity. “I — and I said, ‘It’s impossible to answer this question without seeing the script,’” Jackson recalls, and so Amazon employees assured him that they would work on a few scripts and send them to him as soon as they were finished. them. Time passed, but there were no such scenarios for Jackson. “The scripts never showed up. That’s the last I heard and that’s okay. No complaints,” he concluded.

Echoing the last point, Peter Jackson expressed no bitterness towards Amazon or the Ring of Power team. “I will watch it. I’m not the kind of guy who wants evil,” the Oscar-winning director said, continuing, “The only thing I’m looking forward to is that I’m actually going to see this with a completely neutral viewer. In response to Jackson’s statements, Amazon clarified that the reason for his exclusion was down to external restrictions. According to an Amazon studio spokesperson, “In pursuing the rights to our show, we were required to separate the series from the films.”

Peter Jackson created movie magic while directing The Lord of the Rings saga, so it’s a shame he couldn’t do the same for The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. Still, it’s worth looking forward to seeing what the new team will bring to the Middle-earth adaptation.

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