Actors of the original series “Scream” from the richest to the poorest

There are many classic horror films, but scream remains special due to its comedic element. Although there have been several sequels, the original version remains the best for many people… well, millennials at least. Directed by Wes Craven scream (1996) is a classic murder story and earned over $600 million. Due to its huge success, the film was turned into a television series and became a pop culture sensation from 2015 to 2019.

Only a few other films in the genre have reached these milestones and as such, the film’s cast is also expected to reflect this success. Here are some of the richest actors from the original version scream.

10 Courteney Cox – $150 million

Coatney Cox is one of the few members of the franchise who has already achieved great fame before. scream. The 57-year-old actress came into the spotlight by playing Monica Geller on the hit NBC sitcom. Friends. Cox has since moved on to explore other areas of the entertainment industry and is now credited as both a producer and director. Unlike most other celebrities associated with other ventures, Kooteny Cox made most of her money from her career and the royalties received from her films. She is now the richest member of the film’s original cast and is estimated to have net worth $150 million.

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9 Liev Schreiber – $40 million

Liev Schreiber entered the acting scene in the early 1990s but didn’t find much success until the mid-2000s. At first, most of his images were in independent films, but later he moved on to other mainstream projects. In addition to his appearances in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which will have a sequel, Schreiber also starred in the hit Showtime series. Ray Donovan, a role that earned him multiple Golden Globe nominations. Reports also said that he would be reprising the role Ray Donovan: The Movie this year. His time in the spotlight has netted him more than a few dollars as it is now. worth $40 million.

eight David Arquette – $30 million

Both before and after his portrayal of Sheriff Dewey Riley in screamDavid Arquette has several successful films to his credit; among them vampire slayer and Never been Kissed. Having achieved success in front of the cameras, he decided to try his hand behind the camera and became a producer and one of the directors of the popular show. puma city. Around the same time, Arquette founded a company with his ex-wife, Courteney Cox. According to him $30 million net worth, those career endeavors were definitely well-paid.

7 Neve Campbell – $10 million

Regardless of who portrayed the Ghostface character, the goal has always been to kill the protagonist Sidney, the character played by Neve Campbell. Since playing Sidney, Neve Campbell has appeared in several other films, some of which include Skyscraper, wild creatures, castle in the ground, and 54. The star is also considered a political consultant Netflixhit series, House of cards. In addition to film income, Campbell has also appeared in several commercials for major brands such as Coca-Cola and Tampax. This, combined with her other earnings, helped her accumulate a net worth of $10 million.

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6 Jamie Kennedy – $8 million

Overall, Jamie Kennedy is mostly known for his portrayal of Randy Meeks in screamHowever, this role has helped open up several other opportunities for him in the industry, and among these opportunities are some of the other career areas he has pursued. In addition to his acting career, Kennedy is also a screenwriter and producer. In addition, Kennedy is also a comedian and musician. He is currently estimated at $8 million.

5 Skeet Ulrich – $5 million

In the world of acting, it’s not often that actors find success in the same decade they started their careers, but that was the case for Skeet Ulrich when he made a name for himself in the industry during the same period of the 1990s. he began to act. Some of his biggest accomplishments are his portrayal from scream and Craft. In the early stages of his career, the star invested a lot of his hard-earned money in real estate, and today, both of his engagements, including the role of Jughead’s dad in riverdale, put it net worth of $5 million.

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4 Rose McGowan – $3 million

McGowan made his film debut in a short role in a comedy. Encino Maine. McGowan continued to work in the genre for a while, landing roles in several other projects such as Rock Generation, a role that earned her an Independent Spirit Awards nomination. Later, she changed genre and got into scream franchise that proved to be her big break. Now she’s more than just an actress, she’s also an activist for victims of sexual assault. McGowan currently has net worth $3 million which she has made from her acting career and other ventures.

3 Matthew Lillard – $2 million

Matthew Lillard has been heavily involved in several other aspects of the entertainment industry besides acting, especially stand-up comedy. Some of his best known works include Serial Mom, Hacker and in 2002 he played the role of Shaggy Rogers in scooby doo, a role he continued to play in sequels as well as animation. In recent years, Matthew Lillard could be found on the hit NBC series. Good girls. He has also directed and produced several films. All this payment, combined with his approval, helped him $2 million net worth.

2 Roger L. Jackson – $1.5 million

Jackson’s role scream different from what was common in the industry at the time because it was basically just a voice role when he played Ghostface. However, this portrayal helped propel his voice acting career and gave him similar roles in Roadiraffe Boy Butch and as Mojo Jojo, the mad scientist chimpanzee from Power Puff Girls. Receiving great recognition for his roles, Jackson went on to make the most of his voice acting career, a path that took him Fortune 1.5 million dollars.

one W. Earl Brown – $1.2 million

When Brown began his acting career in 1991, he only got minor roles until 1996, when he landed the role of Kenny Jones on the show. scream. After that, several more films and series appeared, including HBO. deadwood and Netflix Mandalorian. In addition, in 2013, he was given the role of voice acting and motion capture in the game. The last of us. Brown made quite a lot of money from all these projects and currently worth $1.2 million.

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