Actors who actually have both an Oscar and Razi

Let’s be honest: Al Pacino could well have won an Oscar for any number of his memorable roles. He was nominated nine times, for – among other noteworthy films – The Godfather, The Godfather: Part II, Dog Afternoon and Glengarry Glen Ross. Pacino’s role as Frank, a blind, depressed, but incredibly charismatic former army colonel, in Scent of a Woman isn’t as important to his place in film history as, say, Michael Corleone, but it gave us an “ah” as well as a killer tango scene. It also brought Pacino to the Oscars stage, where he received his Best Actor award 20 years after his first nomination.

Pacino has a knack for playing cute bad guys, dishonest good guys, and big personalities (including the Devil himself). He plunged into self-parody, especially later in his career, with films such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and House of Gucci. After all, he has a very specific personality. However, he took things to such a meta level that the internet could barely handle it with 2011’s Jack and Jill. Critically panned comedy by Adam Sandler, starring an SNL alumnus as the titular Jack. as well as Jill and Pacino as a man inexplicably in love with Jill. Jack and Jill was the first film sweep Raziwhich meant that Pacino was named Worst Supporting Actor for his performance.

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