Actors who lost their jobs because they didn’t get vaccinated

Ice Cube was not fired from filming the comedy Oh Hell No, which was set to shoot in the winter of 2021, but he left the film after he refused a COVID-19 vaccine. Hollywood Reporter. As a result of his departure, Ice Cube lost $9 million. Had he stayed, the film would have paired him with the great Jack Black and the Netflix star. “Bad Journey” Directed by Kitao Sakurai.

Interestingly, the popular rapper-actor was a strong supporter of mask-wearing and even helped support the cause by selling T-shirts that read “Test yourself before you destroy yourself” that also featured his image in a face covering. Even more intriguingly, Ice Cube also left a Universal Pictures project called Flint Strong, which was actually filmed for one day before production was put on hold in March 2020 as the spread of COVID began to accelerate. It’s unclear why he left this film, which is said to be looking for a new star and possibly a studio.

As of this writing, no one has been named to replace Ice Cube in Oh Hell No, although Jack Black is still on board. according to IMDb.

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