Actress Madisynn She-Hulk Had a Hilarious Role You Shouldn’t Miss

Appears in season 11, episode 3 titled “Mini barPatty Guggenheim plays Gina, who is a potential romantic interest for Harry Baskin (Patton Oswalt). Baskin first mentions her when he is in the office with Larry David, where he says he met someone at a bar and they texted. each other to go out for a drink. In his enthusiasm, Baskin follows through on his message with an invitation to dinner, but Gina does not respond. Baskin then gets advice from David, who says that he should text her to cancel his dinner plans and offers an excuse that he is in a hot dog eating contest and doesn’t want to ruin his appetite.

However, the joke backfires and Baskin later chides David for the suggestion, saying that Gina has become completely obsessed with him and his supposed professional hot dog eating. The web of lies doesn’t end there, and David later uses the same excuse to avoid a dinner meeting, which turns out to be Gina and Baskin. Upon hearing that David is not at dinner because he is in a hot dog eating competition, she is excited and eager to see Baskin compete. This leads to both David and Baskin appearing at a hot dog eating contest with their friends, who cheer wildly for the two’s attempt to stuff hot dogs down their throats. Guggenheim’s role in Curb Your Enthusiasm, though not as over the top as Madison King, shows her incredibly emotional abilities.

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