Addison Rae criticized for ‘blasphemous’ Christian-themed bikini

Addison Ray left the fans indignant over her recent bikini photoshoot with Adidas.

Many called the star, saying that the picture is “blasphemous”.

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Others just can’t believe it!

Scroll down to see for yourself…

Now, in case you didn’t know, Addison Ray is a social media personality here in the US.

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It all started back in July 2019 when she started posting content on TikTok, where her dance videos began to gain momentum.

According to PopbuzzAddison downloaded TikTok after babysitting a group of schoolchildren…

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She posted the video as a joke and it went viral, drawing attention to her.

She was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana but moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career at TikTok.

Addison briefly attended Louisiana State University where she studied sports broadcasting.

She has been part of the collaborative TikTok group The Hype House since December 2019 when it was formed…

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And in just a few months, Addison had amassed over 1 million followers on TikTok and decided to leave LSU.

Until Addison lived in the house…

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She visited frequently and collaborated with the other members of the band.

“I remember that was when everything changed for me,” Addison said. business insider in April 2020.

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“I knew I wanted to take it more seriously and expand it to other platforms. I uploaded the video to YouTube and became very active on Instagram.”

Today, Addison has amassed over eighty million followers on the social network.

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One of the most followed people on the platform.

In August 2020, Addison was named the highest paid TikTok character by Forbes.

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But that’s not all she’s known for. She is also a singer and back in March 2020, she released her debut single “Possessed”.

Addison also launched her own line of cosmetics, Item Beauty, which she co-founded with Madeby Collective cosmetics…

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Her job is to oversee most of the brand’s products.

However, while it may seem like she lives a luxurious life…

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Things weren’t always sunshine and a rainbow for a star.

In March 2021, Addison confirmed her split from Bryce Hall after less than a year of relationship…

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AT interviewBryce confirmed that he broke up with Addison because he “just wasn’t in the mood for a relationship,” citing false accusations of cheating in Las Vegas as one of the reasons.

They didn’t originally plan to announce their breakup on social media…

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But Addison mistakenly referred to Bryce as her ex-boyfriend in an interview posted on TikTok.

Shortly after their breakup, rumors spread that Addison and Jack Harlow were dating…

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Thanks to photos of the couple hanging out at Jake Paul’s boxing match.

In May 2021, Addison was also seen wearing the same sweater that also belongs to Jack.

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Following rumors and subtweets from Bryce Hall, Addison took to Twitter to clarify that she is not married.

Addison seems to have made her way to the top when it comes to reality TV stars…

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As we all know, she is now best friends with Kourtney Kardashian.

Addison and Kourtney first connected through Kourtney’s son, Mason.

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Mason was a big fan of Addison and did several TikTok dance collaborations with her. Then Kourtney joined them and it sparked their newfound friendship.

So much so that in September 2020, Addison landed a spot in Kim Kardashian’s one-year anniversary campaign Skims…

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But it’s unclear if her casting had anything to do with her friendship with Kourtney Kardashian.

During the lockdown period, Addison and Kourtney Kardashian were reported to have become inseparable, with Addison spending a lot of time at Kourtney’s mansion.

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They are clearly 2 peas in a pod.

And at the end of 2020, the couple left fans feeling small a little uncomfortable…

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After posting her bikini photo shoot.

They posed in matching sparkly bikinis…

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The photo left some fans with a sour taste in their mouths.

But this isn’t the only time Addison has shown off rather revealing swimwear…

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More recently, Addison got creative with a simple black bikini top with a triangular tie top, flipping the top upside down so the ruffles are on top instead of underneath.

And now Addison is back at it again…

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And this time she angered fans with her bikini.

In a recent Instagram post, which was later deleted, the star was spotted wearing clothes. Bikini Praying’s Holy Trinitywhich sells for $100.

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The swimsuit in question has “Father” and “Son” written on the top and “Holy Spirit” written on the bottom.

She posted a photo in collaboration with Adidas, but fans weren’t impressed.

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“No, this is disrespectful to Jesus. It’s sad that you do everything for money,” wrote one person, while another added: “This is not normal! BLASPHEMY!”

“No one is going to talk about this disrespect for religions,” wrote a third, while a fourth said the bikini “was so messed up.”

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You can check out the post that caused the uproar here.

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