Admit it, Fletch 2 could be a lot closer to reality than you think.

Since its limited theatrical premiere, “Confess, Fletch” has performed well in a critical part of things. It has 85% certified fresh ratings from critics, as well as 74% fresh ratings on rotten tomatoes, with the critical consensus stating, “Shorter in wacky jokes, but still very funny, Admit it, Fletch is a showcase of Jon Hamm’s comedy chops that revive this long-dormant franchise in style.” With that kind of approval, one has to wonder what is the likelihood of the movie continuing at this point in the game. Director Greg Mottola is certainly looking forward to such a project.

Shortly after the debut of Confess Fletch, Mottola turned to Uprox about the film and noted that he would like to try a sequel in the future. In fact, he’s so interested in a sequel that he’s already working on the script. “The whole action of Fletch’s Fortune takes place at a journalism conference, so I have a lot of ideas on how to bring it to all the crazy worlds of today,” he teased, much to the delight of Fletch fans around the world. For those unfamiliar, Fletch Fortune was published in 1978 and is the third book in the Fletch-centric canon, following 1976’s Confess, Fletch.

It remains to be seen if a sequel to “Confess, Fletch” will come to fruition, but one can only hope that we’ll see Greg Mottola’s take on “Fletch” – ideally starring Jon Hamm – in the title role. future.

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