Admit it, Fletch’s Jon Hamm and Greg Mottola bring a new look to the big screen

John, you’re playing the character that Chevy Chase made famous. What did you want to bring to this new version of Fletch?

Jon Hamm: This film, this production and this actor are so revered by people, and rightly so. At first, I thought the last thing I wanted to do was impress Chevy or his work. We were very happy as a production team, as actors and directors, that Chevy’s acting and Chevy’s film were the way they were.

We didn’t want to do justice; we didn’t want to do a remake. We really wanted it to be something special, and to that end, I submitted the project to Greg. I thought, “Look, this movie is 35 years old. We have 10 more novels that we can look at to adapt. Why don’t we reset it all and start from scratch?” And that’s what we did.

We went back to the novels, which are radically different in tone from Chevy’s first two films, and decided to let the 80s live in the 80s. Let’s bring it to 2022 and adapt it for the next generation. It’s certainly been an exciting challenge, but it’s also about who the character is. He’s an interesting guy – he’s interested in life, he’s interested in people, he’s very persuasive and very observant, he’s irreverent, he’s funny, he’s charming and all that. This is the engine that drives this story forward, and we decided that we would focus on making a good detective story that was also really fun.

Luckily, we’re lucky to be in a movie landscape where these stories are all the rage right now, whether you’re watching Only the Murders in the Building or Knives Out or Death on the Nile, whatever you have, there’s a lot of detectives out there. on the air these days. There is a reason for this, because they are very nice to look at.

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