Adrienne Banda from “Under Deck” survived drugs and became a reality TV star

Former Below deck The star Adrienne Gang has had a tumultuous life. Having risen to fame on the hit reality show Bravo, the Banda has returned to her duties as a yacht steward and now claims a fortune of about half a million dollars.

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In 2012, the Bravo star went through a traumatic experience when she was taken into police custody for assault and beating. The gang did not remember this event, and later it turned out that the whole situation was caused by the fact that she was secretly drugged. One night while Ganges was drinking at a bar, Ganges secretly heated up GHB, also known as “bloody drink” or “date rape drug.” This is the story of how Below deck The most famous perfectionist steward survived a GHB overdose.

10 When Adrienne Gang got her job honored

Below deck monitors the lives of superyacht crew members during what yachtsmen call the “charter season”. Gang worked as a flight attendant on several other yachts for at least 3-5 years before starting work. Below deck as one of Honor’s chief stewards since the first season.


9 The night in town goes wrong for the Adrienne gang

A year before the show’s debut, the Banda faced the law, resulting in a traumatic experience. After spending the night in downtown Tampa with several of their friends, the Gang passed out. While power outages during late-night drinking are not uncommon, The gang was shocked when she woke up in police custody.

eight Why was Adrienne’s gang arrested?

The gang was arrested for assault and battery. Apparently without her knowing (remember, she was disconnected at the time) she got into a conflict with her taxi driver and started knocking them down. The taxi driver called the police and Banda was arrested.

7 What the investigation showed

While in custody and when she was told about the events leading up to her arrest, the Gang admitted that she did not remember the attack or how she got into the taxi. The gang ran a toxicology test on their own, and the results showed that The gang had dangerous levels of GHB in their bodies. The gang does not use hard drugs, so both she and law enforcement eventually came to the conclusion that someone had tweaked her drink with this substance. Gang believes the drug happened after a group of random men sent a bottle of wine to her table, because it was after he drank that wine that Gang’s night turned into a blur.

6 What did Adrienne Gang do about it?

The gang got out of it after being given a drug that made her unable to stand or speak on her own. Presumably, her would-be attacker caught a taxi and paid with his own credit card. This allowed investigators to identify the perpetrator. The gang did not comment on whether he was arrested, but when she told the story of the incident on a radio show in Florida, she said she believed law enforcement had handled the situation properly. The gang also did not reveal the name of the attacker, so as not to complicate the situation for the police and prosecutors.

5 Premieres “Below Deck”

Almost a year after the incident Below deck The premiere took place in 2013. The show was greeted with high ratings, and during its first broadcasts, the show was broadcast on no less than 1 million televisions. Viewers loved watching the Gang play the perfectionist, managing steward operations for Honor.

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4 Adrienne Gang talks about the experience

The gang came out with a statement about drug use in 2013, at the height of their popularity season. Since the experience, the Banda has been active in advocating for the protection of women from drug use and sexual violence. She is a prominent advocate of DrinkSafe. a brand of discrete beverage testing products that can help identify date rape drugs present in people’s drinks. She also works hand-in-hand with the Tampa Bay Rape Crisis Center to raise awareness about date rape drugs and drugs. Drink products.

3 What happened to the criminal

As mentioned, the Gang has not publicly identified the perpetrator. There could be several reasons for this, but one of the most obvious was that the Gang did not want to complicate matters for law enforcement. There is not a word about whether the perpetrator was charged or faced with any consequences.

2 Another time, Adrienne’s gang got into a dramatic situation.

The arrest and close attack of the gang were not the only times when it was involved in drama or controversy. One of her former teammates Ashton Pinear was accused of verbally abusing new chief steward Kate Chastain after a night of heavy drinking that forced Chastain to leave the team and perform. The gang, who identified themselves as a Pinear fan, tweeted their support and defended their former teammate.

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one In custody

Adrienne Gang has experienced one of the most dangerous events that could happen to a person. But the Banda survived and became famous on one of the most popular Bravo shows. She now enjoys consistent work and has a loving husband.

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