After Neighbors Filled Their Parking Lot Illegally, This Resident Decided to Literally ‘Freeze Them Out’

3, 2, 1! Happy New Year! New Year is one of the most exciting days of the year for many people. This is an opportunity to start over and a great time to celebrate the accomplishments you’ve made and the relationships you’ve built over the past year. However, as some Chicagoans have learned the hard way, if you don’t end the year with your car parked in the right place, you can start the year with a trip to the impound lot.

2 days ago Reddit user BrightRick posted on Pro Revenge subreddit exchange the story of how he took matters into his own hands on New Year’s Eve about 20 years ago after party goers illegally filled his parking lot. Below you can read the whole story and decide if you think this revenge is justified or not. Then if you’re looking for another a piece of drama about parking, a must see this story next.

This apartment owner recently shared a story about how, one New Year’s Eve, he found his parking lot filled with other people’s cars, despite the fact that it had a sign warning to call a tow truck.

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So he decided to pull out a hose and some sprinklers to freeze all the cars and the street, leaving the guests stranded.

Eventually the police were called and each driver’s car was fined and towed away.

Finding parking, especially in a big city during the holidays, can be an extremely stressful task. Sometimes drivers simply take whatever seats they can find, even if there is a risk of being fined or towed away. “Oh, it’s New Years. They won’t tow me today, some guests probably assumed, even if they noticed the signs. But especially in the winter in Chicago, tow trucks are in demand.

The city actually provides winter parking ban from 1 December to 1 Aprilregardless of snow level. This makes it even more difficult for residents to find a place than usual, while tug companies make big money. In 2021, over 200 vehicles were towed on the first night of the winter parking ban in Chicago. And while this particular story took place about 20 years ago, understanding how desperate these partygoers must have been to find parking can help this story make sense.

Some readers found the story amusing and applauded the apartment owner for his creativity.

As for the owner of the apartment who published the story, readers are divided on how he handled the situation. Understandably, he was annoyed by people illegally parking in his spaces, but he even admitted that the problem had lessened after putting up evacuation signs. This was not an everyday occurrence. On the other hand, anyone who came to the party on New Year’s Eve could take a taxi instead of driving their own car. It might not have been as easy as today to call Lyft within 5 minutes from our mobile phones, but especially if these guests were planning on drinking, they still shouldn’t have been driving. Do you think these party people deserve to have their cars frozen for illegal parking? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, and if you’ve ever been in a similar situation, let us know how you reacted.

While others thought this revenge had gone too far

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