After Nicki Minaj’s troll Lil Wayne when she was apparently not invited to her birthday party.

Nicki Minaj joked about not attending Lil Wayne’s birthday party, to which she apparently was not invited.

Nikki Minaj is posing.
Credit: Instagram

Rapper Lil Wayne turned 39 this week, and hosted a big party.

He had a lot of hip hop friends there, like. Seen in event photos., But one person was mysteriously absent: Nikki Minaj.

Celebrating party show photos.

Following Wayne’s birthday, party photos and videos made their way online.

McMann, a rapper and one of Van’s friends who was in attendance, posted a snapshot of him with a large group of hip-hop heavyweights.

He has been seen posing with Drake, Gadda, Lil Wayne and other men on the Young Money Record label.

“Dope A ** Bar… Dope A ** Vibes !! What F *** ‘Knight !!!!” He captioned the post.

Maine added that if anyone needed a party planner, they should hire Drake, who apparently arranged the bash for the van.

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One person who is significantly missing from the pictures is Manaj, who is. A label mate and friend of all men..

He made sure to comment on Maine’s post and told her he wanted to be there, sarcastically.

Nicki Minaj's Instagram comment.

Credit: Instagram

“I had a lot of fun.” The mother of a 1-year-old “Papa Bear” Posted with a tangled face emoji.

The rapper replied, telling him that his lack of invitation was only due to lack of planning time.

“icknickiminaj Lawwwdddd Don’t do it like that, necto! It was sh ** last minute. We can run it at the same time. It wasn’t complete without you,” he told her.

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People saw her playful comment and believed that Minaj was upset, so she had to delete the comment and make it clear on her Instagram story that she was wandering.

He made it clear that he was not crazy about not being in the party, which was in another state.

Nicki Minaj's Instagram story.

Credit: Instagram

“I can’t even joke. [anymore] Chile, this blog is too thirsty for you to post hateful posts. Madness is a different kind of real. We were not in the same situation. Just a joke between me and my Bo Mac. ”

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