After She-Hulk, there’s one obvious Hulk story that the MCU needs to adapt.

Okay, time to address the multiverse in the room. Kevin Feige confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 that the current era of the MCU is called the “Multiverse Saga” as Phase 4, Phase 5, and Phase 6 build on Avengers: The Kahn Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. So, could The Immortal Hulk movie fit into this frame? Absolutely. A huge part of the story revolves around the idea that a terrifying realm lurks at the very bottom of the multiverse.

Below place it is basically hell for anyone who has been transformed due to gamma radiation called gamma mutants and they go through a gate called the Green Door. Although they may rise from the dead, they will not remember their time in the Lower Place. They are ruled by a cruel force called One below all, who is obsessed with the idea of ​​destroying all life in the multiverse so that it remains the only one. He is technically part of his celestial counterpart, The Supreme, but this is where the metaphysical hierarchy of the Marvel Universe gets messy.

Basically, this terrifying creature is able to possess the most gamma mutations to use as a host, though the Hulk eventually manages to cut him off from the rest of the multiverse. The Immortal Hulk story could fit in with the rest of the MCU because recent projects — like Shang-Chi, Loki, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Thor: Love and Thunder — have focused on introduction of new spheres of life.

In essence, the Immortal Hulk movie would not only fit perfectly into the current direction of the MCU, but it would also give a whole new look at the Hulk and Bruce Banner in live action, which would absolutely confuse viewers.

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