After the 5th season of Cobra Kai, we are still waiting for only one major player Miyagi-Verse

The Next Karate Kid was the fourth installment in a series of films that starred Hilary Swank as Julie Pierce, the granddaughter of an old military buddy, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita). He takes in a recently orphaned and initially irritable girl, just like with Daniel, and once Miyagi’s old magic takes hold, she becomes a disciplined and enthusiastic student. Since the women’s tournament wasn’t born until Season 4 of Cobra Kai, Julie has to be content with an out-of-ring victory over the black hats of The Next Karate Kid, the Alpha Elite.

This year at PaleyFest Entertainment Tonight Will Marfugi asked the cast of Cobra Kai about Julie’s possible appearance on the show. Tanner Buchanan was wildly enthusiastic about the prospect, saying “I keep asking for it…I hope she does, I keep wanting her back so maybe hopefully at some point “. William Zabka, Thomas Ian Griffith, and Mary Mauser noted that each returning character was written into Cobra Kai seamlessly and without any disorienting storytelling gymnastics, and Ralph Macchio agreed that Julie’s return should follow that pattern.

Of the characters’ return, he said, “It was always about pushing the story forward and keeping those characters informed … it was about figuring out how organically it could work.” Julie and Daniel’s shared bond with Miyagi clears the way for her return; Now all that’s left is for Swank karate waltz along this path.

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