After the announcement of Rant and his retirement, the fans sang his own melody.

Rock band Smash Mouth’s frontman throws in a towel.

Lead singer Steve Harwell has announced that he is retiring after making headlines for his misbehavior and obscene comments during his performances this week.

The news sparked a backlash from people on Twitter, trolling some 54-year-olds.

Harwell is retiring after a bizarre concert this weekend.

Breaking mouth this weekend, one 90s band that still shows., Played at a local beer and wine event in New York State.

Video of the show went viral because of how Harwell was working on stage.

He was swearing at the crowd, abusing his words, and allegedly making anti-Semitic gestures.

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As the internet was buzzing about it, TMZ reported it this morning. Harwell is officially retiring from singing., Citing health issues.

“I tried hard to solve my physical and mental health problems and play in front of you one last time, but I wasn’t able to,” Harwell said.

The band’s representative said he also had health problems as to why he was performing such a scene on the show this weekend.

Harwell has cardiomyopathy, a type of heart disease, and acute varicose encephalopathy, which affects a person’s speech and memory.

She told TMZ that becoming a rock star was her childhood dream and she is happy that she got it to live.

Twitter users were trolling the singer after the news.

Following the announcement that Steve had left the music business, people took to Twitter to express their views.

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Many people were arrogant on the platform and were trolling the singer using their own lyrics in response.

“I thought someone once told him the world was going to roll him and he wasn’t ready!” One person wrote in reference to the song Hit Smash Mouth. All Stars, which one Appeared in the movie. include.

“Hey now, not all star dude, you hate it, go away!” Another wrote, “Change some melodies to make the situation better.”

“Not the fastest device in the shed … look what I did there?” Someone else said, “I’m having fun.”

Someone posted a GIF from the All Star music video in which “My world is on fire” How are you? ”

Another person used the lyrics to suggest that it might not be a bad thing to leave Harwell’s band.

“Let’s face it: we can all use a little change,” he wrote.

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