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Third season Making a cut on Amazon Prime Video launches Friday, August 19th. From the very first episode, the record-breaking moment between Heidi Klum and Ciara contestant Chayann Morgan reminds viewers that ageism is alive and well in the fashion industry – and that this reality show will lean on drama without hesitation. This time hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are pushing for progress and not giving up on contentious moments, and we enjoyed talking to Klum and Gunn about how they’ve handled the upcoming season.

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Here’s the encounter we couldn’t stop thinking about: After the evening fashion show in the first episode, Klum asked contestant Morgan to describe her customer. The young designer confidently replied that “for the woman Ciara Cheyanne, the evening is a little more light and chic. This is a woman between the ages of 24 and 42…”

She didn’t get any further than that because Klum, 49, joked, “I can’t wear this anymore?”

Morgan laughed and replied, “I feel like you want to focus on your niche.”

The supermodel viewed this with dismay, but continued to constructively criticize her design. However, couldn’t skip this seemingly harmless reality TV clip without asking Klum and Gunn if they think the fashion industry does a good job of honoring women in all seasons.

“That’s why I was telling her this because I’m turning 50,” Klum explained. “So I can’t buy this piece anymore? Is not cool. I was obviously joking with her and I wanted her to understand what she had just said. You shouldn’t have a time limit on anything and I feel like we should be able to wear anything at any age.”

Gunn agreed, adding that “it would be a mistake to define this very precisely, [fashion] should be much more open” to people of all ages.

Since the pandemic (which looms in the background in these episodes), fashion has also changed for everyone who works differently than before March 2020. Some returned to the office; some work strictly from home, while others take a hybrid approach – it’s hard to see how far we can take leisure into the workplace. So where does one find wardrobe inspiration these days?

Gunn recommends finding a “fashion icon,” describing the role as “a person of your size, shape, skin color, and ideally age, whose style you admire, and use that person as a measure.” That’s solid advice from a style guru who also revealed that his role model is none other than George Clooney and chuckled, “To be honest, he’s a lot younger than me.”

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If Gunn has a Clooney, who does a supermodel like Klum look up to when she has all the designers in the industry demanding that she wear their creations? The answer is not so simple. After all, she describes her wardrobe as “crazy crazy” because it has “too many personalities”.

“I have so many different moods all the time,” Klum said. “Sometimes I want to be sassy, ​​then I want to be super sexy, then I want to be a business Barbie, then I like to be bohemian… so it’s all very eclectic.” If that wasn’t the answer you were hoping for, Gunn, who is always impeccable with timing, joked, “I think you’re your own icon.” Apple!

Klum also hopes to be an inspiration to her followers because she believes she still represents designer collections even when she’s not on the catwalk.

“Because I’m in fashion, I want to show people what’s in the world,” she explained. “That’s why I like to show different things on myself, that’s why I still like to model them for everyone.”

It’s like having your own supermodel every fashion season – and we can definitely handle it. Gunn and Klum don’t want anyone to worry about fashion, they want people to have fun and “get out of their comfort zone” from time to time.

Klum joked: “We put jeans on Tim Gunn, so…”

“Anything can happen,” Gann laughed.

season 3 Making a cut
premieres Amazon Prime Video August 19th.

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