Aisha Curry criticizes “ridiculous” rumors that she and Steph Curry are in an open marriage

Rumors have reached new heights after a video tweeted last month of Aisha talking about her lack of “male attention” outside of her marriage and Steph’s marriage.

Published on January 11, 2022 at 11:47 AM ET.

After weeks of speculation around Aisha Curry and Steph Curry marriage, the actor finally put everything in its place.

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In case you missed it, Aisha and Steph, who have been married since 2011 and have three children, went viral on social media last month after rumors that they had a non-monogamous marriage went viral.

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The speculation began after the popular Instagram gossip page. Dusmois cited an anonymous source claiming the unnamed “famous NBA couple” is not as “faithful” as it appears on social media.

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“Keep in mind that this famous NBA couple is not as loyal in love as they are portrayed on social media and their image!” read the hint.

“They both have side connections and affairs, but they keep it a secret to maintain the perfect family image that they show to the world. I was shocked to learn that they have been together for so long, ”he continued.

While the anonymous statement did not explicitly mention Aisha or Steph, many quickly guessed that it was a famous influential couple who often share loving family content on social media.

And while the couple initially ignored the rumors, Aisha finally denied the gossip on Monday in response to someone who left a harsh comment under one of her photos.

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Exchange picture her husband on Instagram, Aisha wrote, “Good God … shoot for my baby @gq cover,” tagging Steph next to some lustful emoji.

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Among the stream of comments left under Aisha’s post, one person wrote, “But you still want an open relationship, shhhh. If I were him, you would have already been sent out on the street.

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Entering the conversation to take revenge on the remark, Aisha stated, “Don’t believe everything you read.”

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– Do you know how ridiculous it is? she added. “Don’t be so disrespectful to my marriage. Please and thank you. “

The exchange went viral instantly, with a screenshot repost of the comments shared by ShadowRoom quickly grabbing a lot of attention.

Praises Aisha’s answer, one person commented on, “Great answer. Some of you are too comfortable talking recklessly with people.

“Do you really comment on this stuff under the pictures of people? Lol, this is so weird and unnecessarily confusing, “- one of the users. wrote

“You all need to learn to stay away from married people.” repeated Another.

Much of the speculation surrounding the couple’s relationship has escalated since the video reappeared in which Aisha discusses her marriage to an NBA star – and in particular some of the problems they face due to jealousy. Twitter

Steph and Aisha Curry’s rumors that they have an open relationship make sense. Yall must have forgotten what she said at the Red Table. Conversation with Jada.

Twitter: @TjseanB

As fans of the couple may remember, Aisha faced harsh criticism back in 2019 after opening up some of her marital issues with Steph in a viral episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s series. Conversation at the red table

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Explaining how she feels about Steph getting female attention, Aisha said: “Steven is very cute by nature and he is very talkative … and therefore everyone is always very ‘friendly’, gesturing with air quotation marks. “Sometimes to the point where I say, ‘Okay, I’m a grown woman, I’ll just put myself in.’

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“Ladies will always hide, hoping for their moment and waiting,” she said. “But for me … I honestly hate it. I don’t like it when I feel on the same level with someone. It just annoys my nerves. “

“We had a conversation about it, and [Steph] I tried very, very hard to make sure that if we go somewhere, they represent me, ”she explained. “I don’t like to introduce myself.”

Aisha added, “But there were a couple of times when I definitely wanted to punch someone in the face.”

“He doesn’t necessarily know how to deal with it … He can’t foresee it, I can see it a mile away,” she said.

And Aisha went on to detail how the unwanted flirtations that Steph attracted only fueled her insecurities due to the lack of male attention. she received out of wedlock is what has divided the Internet so much.

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“Something that really bothers me and honestly gave me a sense of insecurity is the fact that – yes, there are all these women rushing [at Steph]but for the last 10 years, I have none of this, ”she said.

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“I have zero – it sounds strange – but masculine attention, and then I start to assimilate it, and I think:“ Is there something wrong with me? ”Continued Aisha.

Those with whom she spoke – including the show host Jada, daughter Willow Smith and mom Adrienne Banfield-Norris, as well as women of the Curry family – consoled Aisha and let her know that while she was not “looking” for attention elsewhere , she simply will not notice what she happened to receive.

After the conversation went viral, many viewers argued that Aisha was wrong in wanting the attention of other men when she was married. Others, however, praised her for her vulnerability and honesty about her insecurities.

And with the rift causing a lot of controversy on social media, Aisha finally addressed the outrage in a long Instagram signature

“I am human,” she wrote. “It gives me pure joy to speak my mind, to be vulnerable at times and to know myself inside and out.”

“If what I’m not afraid to say out loud that I’m a 30-year-old mother of three helps another woman like me feel that they are not alone and not the only ones with insecurity (because we ALL have them, not play), then all this hype is worth it, ”she wrote.

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“If you have the opportunity to see the real [Red Table Talk] not headlines and rumors please! There is much more depth in the conversation, ”continued Aisha.

“As women, let’s continue to uplift, empower, and not suppress and constrict our feelings and thoughts, no matter how fleeting they may be,” she concluded.

But despite the promiscuous comments and pitiless rumors surrounding their marriage, Aisha’s latest comment seems to suggest that the couple is very strong.

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