“Aita for exposing MIL’s lies and forcing her to confess what she said in front of her husband and family?”

Nobody likes liars, especially if they are in your family. There is a common misconception that dictates to people that if a person is in your blood, you should accept him as he is, however, frankly, just because someone is your family does not mean that he is a great person or should be in your life.

While it’s inevitable to run into toxic people, sometimes it’s in your best interest to take their personality with a pinch of salt and move on with your life.

However, this is not always possible. For example, when your beloved mother-in-law claims that you are keeping her children and then blames her husband for not letting you visit, it might be time for a little confrontation.

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Sometimes confrontation with the “victim” is in your best interest.

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“Aita for exposing MIL’s lies and forcing her to confess what she said in front of her husband and family?” this Internet user turned to one of the most popular Internet forums to get an unbiased opinion and, perhaps, to find out if she really was a bastard who exposed her mother-in-law’s lies. The post received more than 7 thousand votes and 384 comments discussing the situation.

This woman posted a video online to find out if she was really the bad guy who exposed her lying mother-in-law in front of the whole family.

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The author started her post by talking about how MIL and her family like to mistreat her because apparently she hides her grandchildren from herself, although in fact her mother-in-law is always welcome at a party, but she does not does. wants, because it means that she will have to stay at the hotel.

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MIL is said to “decide” never to video chat or make calls; she once saw her 5-year-old grandson and only recently met the youngest child of a woman. What’s more, the woman also doesn’t invite the OP’s family as she claimed her husband didn’t want them in their house, making it look like he’s a controlling jerk.

Recently, however, Father MIL spoke with the author. He said that it was wrong and that they should come, although the woman mentioned that they were not invited due to MIL’s husband’s demands.

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Well, as it turns out, MIL’s father is a gossip; therefore, everything that the author said spread very quickly to other members of the family. MIL’s husband was furious and said he didn’t say anything about their visit; this puzzled MIL, so she said it was probably just a misunderstanding.

Naturally, the OP realized that the woman had lied about something, so instead of letting it go, she said that the “misunderstanding” was not on her part, as she clearly heard her say it.

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MIL’s husband said that although he would not enjoy their visit, he would never be so controlling of his wife or her son. The woman tried to leave again, but the OP demanded an explanation. MIL finally broke down and admitted that her husband never actually said this, but she knew how much he “hates” having their family in his house, so she chose to lie.

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As soon as MIL came out, family members criticized her for making it up. She was furious with the author, saying that she should have let her change the subject and that she took her words too literally.

What do you think of this situation? Do you think the OP was right when he called her MIL right in front of the whole family?

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