“AITA for not letting my SIL and her children into my house when my husband is not at home?”

The first rule isthe first– houses of friends, relatives or whatever, you do not upset at home. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most respected shack in the slums or the most respected estate in… Estatesville, USA. Or something.

The bottom line is to treat people’s homes with respect!

Unfortunately, not everyone adheres to this rule, and therefore one has to face the consequences.

Enter this woman and her three children, who have the makings of a homemaker (literally), and the woman’s brother and his wife will not have any of this.

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You have a very nice house there. It would be a shame if something happened to him… something like three kids going berserk.

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This one is short but good. Redditor u/Intelligent-Bear1617 recently took to the r/AITA subreddit to share her predicament.

You see, her husband has an older sister who is the mother of three children aged 6, 8 and 9. A sister allows her children to behave in a variety of ways, including destructive and erratic behavior. And worse, she lets them do it outside of their own home.

The destructive and dirty things that kids usually do is kick the ball inside the house, thus breaking the OP’s property (more than once); jump on furniture in shoes and leave unpleasant stains on it; and left empty storage containers on the floor and left with whatever they wanted.

A story appeared on Reddit about a woman explaining how she banned her daughter-in-law and three children because they were destructive.

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And the worst thing was that these kids had an attitude – they were not only destructive, but also fucking rude.

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The husband really tried to reason with his sister, but to no avail, as she simply brushed it off. They also tried to talk to the children, but in the end they were simply scolded – “you are not our mother / father.” You might think that this is a set up for malicious compliance or a petty revenge story, but no, more like playing stupid games, getting stupid prizes, some kind of test.

And win the stupid prizes they did. The OP decided that if her husband wanted to deal with it, he could (although we later learn that he didn’t and supported his wife), but she wouldn’t take it anymore. So, if she is at home, and her husband is not, then neither the FORCE nor the kids are welcome there. And if she wants to know when he’s coming home so she can visit him, she has to contact him herself.

So, this in turn forced OP (and later her husband) to tell SIL that neither she nor her three children were waiting at their house anymore.

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And the sister was not too happy about this, making OP in her eyes the “worst criminal.”

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Needless to say, the daughter-in-law was upset by this. Despite her husband also telling her that he supports and supports OP’s decision, OP is still “the worst offender”. But she left the decision up to the AITA community. And they decided they did.

NTA. Not a stub, straight off the bat. This is her house, these are her rules. Anyway, kids shouldn’t behave the way they do because it’s completely disrespectful. People kept calling it parental failure, and some even went so far as to say they would have kicked them out on the spot.

But people on the internet had something to say, which was that SIL and her three kids were the bad guys.

But in general, people praised the OP for setting boundaries and standing her ground. She doesn’t deserve to have her house a mess just because someone can’t get their kids in order, so that’s only fair.

The post you can find here has been upvoted 14,300 times and nearly 800 people have commented on their thoughts and opinions on the matter. But we’d also love to hear your thoughts and opinions, and maybe even spicy stories about kids vandalizing houses, in the comments section below!

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