“AITA for not telling my wife I had a vasectomy?”

Honesty is the foundation of trust in any relationship—romantic, platonic, or family; being honest with your loved ones will strengthen your bond and promise you an eternal connection.

Showing honesty doesn’t mean you have to share every little thought, as there is a difference between keeping secrets and confidentiality.

However, when you settle down and possibly tie the knot with your regular partner, it’s always in your best interest to be open and direct. Everyone loves honesty, and building a family on lies, even if it’s “small” and “white”, will eventually lead to heartbreak that could have been easily avoided.

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Being honest is essential, even if you think the truth will break your spouse’s heart.

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“Aita for not telling my wife I had a vasectomy?” This online user sent him to one of his favorite Reddit communities to find out if he was really a jerk for lying about his vasectomy while still trying to have a baby with his partner. The post managed to get nearly 17,000 votes and 2,000 comments discussing the man’s cruel secret.

Husband wonders if he’s a jerk if he’s been hiding his vasectomy from wife who wants kids for over two years

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The author began his post by saying that he has been married to his wife for over two years and that she has always wanted to have a child with him; moreover, he mentioned that they had been “trying” for some time, although the catch was that he did the vasectomy and didn’t bother to tell her about it.

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OP is the father of 3 kids he had with his ex. His ex-wife is now pregnant with her current partner, and when she arrived to pick up the kids, his wife asked all sorts of questions about the baby and if she knew its gender. The man then mentioned that his ex-wife knew all about his vasectomy since he did it after their youngest son was born.

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Naturally, the author’s favorite partner mentioned how happy she was to be pregnant, but she said that they had no luck conceiving. The former gave the woman a smile and instantly turned his gaze to the author, piercing him with a worried look.

She later wrote to the man, expressing her disappointment, and demanded that he tell the truth to his poor wife, who had cherished false hope for several years.

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The author understands that revealing the truth will absolutely break his wife’s heart, but describing this huge secret as “a little dishonest” seems suspicious to say the least; that he deliberately messes with his partner’s emotions and withholds this vital information from the very beginning of their relationship simply cannot be justified.

Fellow redditors collectively agreed that this person is indeed a bad guy in this situation.

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