“Aita? I went on vacation with a friend and her family, they kicked me out so I got my room and stayed.”

Whenever you think about vacation, you think about vacation in your own way. So, it’s either lying on the beach, the occasional sunburn, or hiking. Or actually go anywhere but where you are staying because resorts are boring. May be.

But apparently a vacation doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to unwind. Take it’s one family, for example. An extended group of 8 invited a daughter’s friend, presumably with all expenses paid, to vacation with them. What they didn’t mention was their expectation that their daughter and her friend would cook for the entire group for the duration of the holiday. Fully.

Oh, it’s getting better. Or worse. Depending on how you look at it.

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Whenever you think vacationyou probably think relaxation, Correctly? Well, no, as this family needs someone to cook all the time.

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Redditor u/imonvacaaation, who introduced himself as a student, has a roommate Meg, whose entire family – a friend, mother, father, two friends of her father and three brothers – invited her to vacation with them. .

The family offered to buy her a ticket and book a resort for everyone. Sounds nice, right? The young woman, in turn, began saving up for some vacation activities and a little more to treat her family to dinner for such generosity.

But there had to be a catch, right? There was. Pretty clever, surprisingly.

A woman who was invited on vacation with a “traditional” family was out of luck and was “asked” to cook a meal for 9 people.

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First, everyone flew first class. Except a friend. A friend has an economy. But why complain when it’s free?

It didn’t stop there. The first night they were there, they all went grocery shopping. Turns out they wanted to cook all the food at home. And, actually, an amendment. They wanted their daughter Meg and the operator to refrigerate all the meals in the house. Yes, all 3 meals during the day for 9 people. Every day.

You see, Meg’s family is one of those “traditional” families who think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, and unfortunately Meg and OP fit that description. The OP admitted that she is not a very good cook and knows only a few recipes, so she tried her best.

At first it looked like they were all having a good time, but the economy ticket and groceries soon proved otherwise.

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However, everything went wrong. The father of the family, in turn, became furious, and the tension began to escalate rapidly. But OP wasn’t about to let anyone trample on her, so she chastised him. This triggered his protocol on rights, and he blurted out that it was his vacation. Well, is the OP on vacation too, or was she invited to free cook?

After a while, the father snaps and actually tells OP to pack her things and leave. I don’t know how, but she did it. First of all, she found out that her return ticket was not protected in any way, so she came up with a password so that the family would not cancel it without her knowledge.

But after just one attempt, some members of the family snapped at OP and asked her to leave…but didn’t elaborate on how or when.

Image credits: u/imonvacaaation

What happened in the end was that the OP got a return ticket that the family bought and booked another room, which made the family very upset.

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She then went to the resort’s front desk and chose a surprisingly affordable room, explaining her predicament. They hooked her up and she still had some money left to run her travel business. On her terms. The only sad part about it all is that it put her roommate in a quandary with all the kitchen stuff.

One day, OP was sightseeing and Meg’s family stumbled upon her by chance. They seemed quite surprised that the OP was still around. In fact, they were furious when they realized that the OP would use their return ticket, “tricking” them into thinking she couldn’t afford the vacation. Which, come to think of it, is pretty evil since they were actually trying to leave her here.

And all the people were in support of the OP – she made no mistake in doing what she did, and along the way received a rather satisfying revenge (with a dash of malicious submission).

But the Internet thinks the OP was right – not only was she clean, she got her revenge along the way.

People online have explained that the family was actually holding the OP hostage. This is on top of the fact that they treated their daughter’s friend like dirt. And that’s besides the fact that the neighbor didn’t warn her of this, and people have plenty of reason to believe she always knew what her family’s intentions were.

But in general, people agreed that she was invited to rest with them. Therefore, she was in no way bound to feel bad about doing just that. And hence people praise the OP by saying that she did the right thing and executed it flawlessly.

Her post received nearly 27,000 upvotes and just over 20 Reddit awards for her efforts. You can check the post, all the OP’s answers in the comments, and also the comments of the commenters. here. And you can check out our other Am I The A-Hole articles here.

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