“AITA told my girlfriend to go back to her country if she won’t learn my language?”

recently, This story is about a 28-year-old Dutch man. A post on the AITA subreddit caught everyone’s attention. In a lengthy post, Redditor Bruvikmage describes how he’s living with his Italian girlfriend in a city in the Netherlands.

Apparently, the 25-year-old woman, who has already spent 5 years in her country, does not particularly enjoy the Dutch way of life, especially the language part. “She’s been living here for 5 years, and we’ve been dating for about 2 years. She doesn’t speak Dutch and doesn’t make any effort to learn. Even simple phrases/greetings, she won’t bother with them, ” explained the author.

Although he finds it strange and frustrating that she doesn’t bother to learn his language, his girlfriend believes that Dutch “sounds difficult, ugly, and she needs it for her work or social life. If not, what’s the point?

As you might suspect, that’s when it got on the writer’s nerves and he just blew it.

Recently, a frustrated man told how his girlfriend refused to learn his mother tongue even though she had been living in his country for 5 years.

Image credit: Vera Orsk (not original photo)

Image credit: Vera Orsk (not original photo)

Learning Dutch while living in the Netherlands has long been a hotly debated topic on expat forums. While it’s no secret that most people from abroad are in no rush to learn this West German language, especially when the Dutch speak such good English, the question is, should they ever start?

However, when the immigrants begin to settle in the Netherlands, they realize that they are not as educated as they first thought. Many of them will not be able to read their bills, official government documents (immigration papers, driver’s license information, immunization notices, etc.), menus, doorknobs/bridge signs, etc.

Many foreigners also find it quite difficult to stick to speaking Dutch, especially in the beginning, as locals quickly switch to English if they see them struggling. No wonder so many expats give up, but is it the only way? Well, let us know what you think in the comments below!

The author later gave some more information about the whole situation.

Many were on the writer’s side.

While others believed that no one is right in this situation.

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