AJ Cook opens up about her decision to film ‘Criminal Minds’

In an interview with Carter Matt in 2019AJ Cook explained that she decided to film Criminal Minds because she always wanted to be a director. She will fulfill this dream in the thirteenth episode of the 14th season called “Chameleon”.

“It was the goal of my whole life – from the moment I wanted to become an actor, I knew that I wanted to be a director. I’ve been waiting, learning and preparing for this moment all my life,” Cook explained. She went on to say that there had been opportunities to do this before, but circumstances prevented it from happening, and it seemed to her that everything came together for the Chameleon.

Cook also noted that the direction appeals to her desire to prepare. “I’m kind of a nerd who cooks way too much, so directing is what I love. That was great! I’m lucky to have spent a lot of time on set and I know this show like it’s on the back of my hand – I’ve always watched the directors and followed them,” she said. The episode follows the BAU as they search for Everett Lynch (Michael Mosley), the serial killer known as “The Chameleon”, after he breaks out of their grasp and nearly kills David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) in the process, causing him to doubt its effectiveness. in a team.

Mantegna and Cook return for a revival officially titled Criminal Minds: Evolution (via television line). It will be interesting to see if Cook becomes a director again.

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