Alan Carr recalls ‘weird’ backstage encounter with Britney Spears

British comedian Alan Carr says that an interview with Britney Spears in 2013 was anything but what he expected.

Access to I have news for you podcast to promote his upcoming Regional Keychain comedy tour of Australia, Carr recalled that the singer was on his show. chatty person at the height of her now-defunct conservatory in 2013, talking about strange backstage moments during which Spears’ crew wouldn’t let her speak for herself.

Although at the time he thought she was simply not interested in talking to him, now that she has revealed the extent of her team’s control over her during 13 years of legal proceedings led by her father, Carr said it “made sense” now. .

During a sit-down interview which aired, Spears and Carr had a lively exchange before Carr took the pop star backstage to mockingly whip the staff and urge them to “Work you bitch” while repeating the lyrics of her hit song.

But behind the scenes, there was a different story.

“Every time I asked her a question, someone would come up and answer for her,” Carr recalled.

“(I asked) ‘So how long have you been in London?’ “Until Thursday”. “Do you see any sites?” “No”… and I thought, well, that’s a little weird.

“And, of course, you won’t think for a minute that this big icon… is being held… against its will,” he said.

He went on to say that every time he approached to offer her a drink or ask how she was doing, someone would step in and say, “She’s all right.”

“She was there in front of me and I just thought it was so weird… I just got the impression that she was fed up with it all.

“You don’t think for a million years someone of that level has been told what to do, and… (Didn’t) she say she was on drugs and stuff like that?” he questioned recent claims that she was being treated and forced to act against her will.

The interview took place shortly before the star hit the road. A part of me Residence in Las Vegas, which lasted from 2013 to 2017.

Spears, now 40, has since admitted that those four years were among the most tightly controlled of her life, claiming she was only allowed to go out twice.

second residence, Britney Dominationwas canceled weeks before it was due to begin in 2019, with Spears announcing she was going on an “indefinite hiatus”.

The announcement sparked scrutiny of the singer’s personal life and sparked a #FreeBritney social media movement as details of her custody came to light.

In November 2021, the singer won a lawsuit to be released from the arrangement and revealed what has happened over the 13 years of her life.

In a stunning 22-minute YouTube video released last month, toxic the singer spoke in detail about the conditions of her guardianship.

Spears claimed she was sent to a mental institution against her will in 2019 as punishment for speaking her mind during rehearsals for her canceled Vegas residency Domination.

“I never wanted to go there. I remember calling my father on the phone in tears and he said, “You have to listen to the doctors.” I can’t help you now.”

She said that she hated her time in the institution, and this caused her to briefly stop believing in God.

“How did they get away with it, and what the hell did I do to deserve it?” she asks in the video.

Spears went on to say that she started learning about the #FreeBritney campaign around the same time as fans demanded more transparency about her custody. This led to her eventually cutting off contact with her father and hiring her own lawyer to begin the process of release from custody, which she successfully did last year.

Spears first returned to the music business in August with the Elton John duo. Hold me closer.

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