Alan Ritchson says he read 24 Reacher books to perfect his character on the show

During a conversation with Collider In February, Alan Ritchson explained that his process of perfecting Jack Reacher’s character required a lot of reading. He said that he thought his job was to absorb as much of the content that was already available on Reacher as possible, and the project required the consumption of about two dozen books. “As an actor, the first step I take is to absorb as much of the existing material as possible, whether it’s just a script or, in this case, I had 24 books to pore over,” Ritchson said. “My job was to read these books, and it didn’t feel like work at all. I love books and quickly became as big a fan as everyone else.”


By doing this, as Ritchson said, he really allowed himself to have a comprehensive view of everything the character might be doing, thinking or feeling. “Having so much material and seeing Reacher in so many situations really answers all my questions about how he would feel about a certain person or situation.” In addition, Ritchson explained that he also read all 24 books because he just “fell in love with the character”, realizing that the dynamic of who Reacher is would be difficult to bring to life on screen.

“The Reacher” received mostly positive reviews from fans and critics (via rotten tomatoes). This garnered approval for a second season and courtesy Ritchson’s Instagramwe know that filming has already begun.

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