Alanis Morissette’s Australian Tour Canceled: Fans React

Fans who bought tickets for Alanis Morissette’s Australian tour more than two and a half years ago are outraged by the singer’s latest move.

Alanis Morissette has pulled a pin out of her upcoming Australian tour, leaving fans who have already endured more than two years of concert rescheduling furious.

The singer’s tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of her cult breakthrough album Jagged Little Pill was originally scheduled to take place in April 2020.

The Covid pandemic prevented this and the tour was rescheduled to November 2020 and then again to November 2021.

Finally, the dates were pushed back another year to November 2022 – only to be canceled yesterday, more than two and a half years after tickets first went on sale, due to “the unprecedented logistical challenges of the global tour in 2022”. ”

Morrisette herself said in a statement on social media to fans that she was “depressed” by the cancellation of the tour – and insisted that while the tickets would be refunded, she was instead “framing that I’m putting it off.”

“I love you all so much and can’t wait to get there,” she wrote.

Fans who paid for their tickets back in December 2019 expressed anger and frustration under the post, many were disappointed that the tour was completely canceled after so many postponements due to the pandemic.

“We have waited so long, even after it was canceled the first time. We were happy to wait because we love you, but this is a kick in the teeth,” wrote one fan.

“Waiting to hear from Ticketek about a refund – I doubt I even have the same credit card to get my money back after all these years,” wrote another.

“Imagine looking forward to a concert for over two years and getting nothing,” said another.

“Create people for almost two and a half years… and then cancel the show. Absolutely fucked up,” protested another irate fan.

Others were even angrier, with one fan calling the cancellation “Pathetic. Blaming logistics and planning is a cop-out. You have had over 2 years for this to happen. Hell, the Foo Fighters have come and gone for a one-off show and you can’t drag your apologetic ass in here for a tour that was supposed to be 2 years ago.”

Morissette’s local tour company Live Nation Australia said the singer will try to return to Australia as soon as possible. In a statement, they said all parties “feel that it is best to refund ticket holders now and they have all committed to reschedule these dates as soon as possible.”

“It sucks that this is now canceled at a time when travel restrictions have eased, when travel restrictions were the reason for past cancellations. Isn’t that ironic, isn’t it?” joked another ticket holder.

Morissette last visited Australia on an acoustic tour in January 2018. Her Jagged Little Pill Tour is one of many high-profile tours that have fallen victim to the lingering effects of the pandemic, with scheduled tours by the likes of Rod Stewart, Snoop Dogg, Faith No More, James Blunt and Simple Minds canceled in recent months.

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