Alec Baldwin denies allegations that he refuses to cooperate during the shooting investigation

Actor Alec Baldwin once again took to Instagram to discuss parts of the aftermath of the tragedy. Rust shooting, which resulted in the death of operator Galina Hutchins. This time, he discussed the truth about his involvement in the case after reports surfaced that he was not cooperating with the authorities.

After the story published New York Post that discussed his cooperationBaldwin stated in his video: “The best way to honor the death of Halina Hutchins is to learn the truth and any assumptions that I will not obey myself, any lawyers I work with, or anything else that is a lie.”


That It’s Complicated the actor unloaded a pistol that was used as a prop for his film Rust last October, killing Hutchins and wounding director Joel Sousa. The incident sparked controversy about movie accidents and how fatal they can be. Baldwin, like no one else, has faced criminal charges and the investigation is ongoing.

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The New York Post featured Baldwin on the cover next to the headline “Why won’t Alec Help?”

The famous publication has published controversial articles from time to time, so it is not surprising that a similar story has been published. Name, Why experts say Alec Baldwin didn’t give up his phoneNatalie O’Neill wrote: “Lawyers have suggested that the 63-year-old actor may be concerned about the possibility of ‘incriminating’ evidence over the phone – including deleted texts or photographs that could cause him criminal disrespect – or may just want to keep his private conversations off the field public opinion “.

She also wrote that the authorities considered this suspicious and refused to cooperate with the investigation, and that in his TV interview he made statements that “drive him into a corner.” Thereafter, it is unknown if Baldwin contacted O’Neill or any of the interviewees involved in the story.

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Baldwin continues to thank his fans for their support from last year

He not only posted press statements, but also posted a video on his Instagram, thanking everyone for their support. One of his notable videos was posted two days before Christmas, in which he thanked everyone for sending him their thoughts and kind words after the events. Another actor and brother Billy Baldwin commented on the video on Instagram and said, “Love, strength, healing, health and happiness.”

Since his last video, the actor has not made any further statements regarding New York Post article, and the publication did not comment on the video. At the time of publication, the article has not been updated since January 7.

Rust has since become a suspended film and it is not known when or whether filming will resume. Due to the small budget of the film, the filmmakers planned to shoot it from start to finish in twenty-one days. The shooting took place on the fifteenth day. If production does not resume, the film will likely be delayed.

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