Alec Baldwin insists on obeying police orders to investigate Rust case

The actor took to Instagram to say that he is reporting to investigators in the Rust deadly shooting, despite not giving his phone to the police yet.

Alec Baldwin insisted on Saturday that he was investigating the deadly shooting on the set of his film. Rustalthough he has yet to hand over his cell phone to the New Mexico police.

That New York Post reports that authorities have a warrant on the actor’s phone as they are investigating the death of cinematographer Galina Hutchins, who was killed with a live round from a rifle held by 63-year-old Baldwin on set in October.

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“Any suggestion that I am not following requests, orders, demands or search warrants for my phone is bullshit, it’s a lie,” the actor said as he sat behind the wheel of a parked car in the Hamptons. a long Instagram video on Saturday.

“It’s a process where one state makes a request to another state,” he explained the order in New Mexico.

“This is a process that takes time, they have to indicate what they want. We will abide by all this by 1000 percent. “

On Friday, mail spoke with legal experts who suggested that reasons why someone might not comply with a warrant requiring their phone might include that it might contain “incriminating” evidence or sensitive personal material.

Baldwin denounced mail in his video, claiming that the coverage of the actor failing to hand over his phone to investigators was “lies, bullshit and bullshit.”

Baldwin spent nearly three minutes of the lengthy Instagram post, vigorously pushing back mail report, insisting that he was completely subordinate to the authorities, who are weighing whether to press charges against the actor or others involved in the ill-fated production of the film.

Then the actor exploded mail for placing the story on the cover of a Saturday newspaper.

“Sidney Poitier, one of the business icons, one of the kings of film royalties, dies – and on the cover mail they have other lies, nonsense and nonsense, ”he said.

“Everything will work, no matter what they say in these right-wing newspapers and people who are all about hate,” Baldwin said.

However, lawyers told mail that in such cases appearance matters.

“This is not in line with his early promise to cooperate with law enforcement,” said Kevin Keiron, a former Nassau district attorney officer who practices criminal defense.

Baldwin calmly told his social media followers that the legal watcher was far from at ease.

“The only way to honor the death of Halina Hutchins is to learn the truth; this is what I am working on. Insisting on. Demanding.

“Any suggestion that I disobey is a lie.”

In addition to a potential criminal investigation, Baldwin faces multiple death lawsuits.

This article originally appeared in New York Post and reproduced with permission

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