Alec Baldwin “REFUSES” to hand over his phone to the cops after filming Rust, according to police.

Alec Baldwin refuses to hand over his phone to the cops after filming Rust, according to police.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office received a search warrant back on December 16. Baldwin mobile phone and its contents.


According to the police, Alec Baldwin refuses to give up his phone.Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Baldwin was filming Rust when the shooting took place.


Baldwin was filming Rust when the shooting took place.Credit: Instagram/Alec Baldwin
Died director of photography Galina Hutchins.


Died director of photography Galina Hutchins.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

According to a press release issued by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, Baldwin’s attorney acknowledged receipt of the warrant, but Baldwin “did not immediately provide his phone during the initial search,” prompting the police to seek assistance from the district attorney. Office.

“December 20, 2021, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office was informed that the Santa Fe District Attorney is negotiating with Mr. Baldwin’s attorney to obtain consent to receive the phone and its contents,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

“To date, the cell phone has not been handed over to the authorities.”

Crew member Halina Hutchins, 42, succumbed to her injuries, and director Joel Souza was fighting for his life after a rifle misfire.

Police interrogated Baldwin after the accident and he was filmed sobbing outside the local police station in Santa Fe. New Mexico.

Alec was filming a scene on the set of his new western film, Rust, where he was required to fire a pistol that had to be loaded with blanks.

Tragedy struck, however, when the gun fired either shrapnel or a bullet that hit two people on set, including director of photography Galina Hutchins.

Shortly after the incident, Galina was airlifted to the hospital, where she died from her injuries.

Joel Souza, who was also shot, was taken to the hospital. He was cured and released in the evening of the same day.

Earlier that day, half a dozen film crews left the set to protest the working conditions. Los Angeles Times disclosed.

A crew member also told the publication that Hutchins advocated safer conditions for her crew.

The shooting at Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico took place in the middle of a scene that was either rehearsed or filmed – the incident could have been caught on camera, officials have confirmed.

TV and movie star ‘didn’t know’ about the type of ammunition in the gun, according to Term.

However, an email from the International Alliance of Theater Workers (IATSE) Local 44 confirmed that the prop contained a “live cartridge” of ammunition.

“The lead actor accidentally shot live on set, injuring director of photography, Local 600 contestant Halina Hutchins and director Joel Souza,” the email said. insider.

“Local 44 confirmed that the props, sets, special effects and construction departments were staffed with crew members from New Mexico. There were no members of Local 44 on the call list.”


The new lawsuit accused an ammunition supplier of creating dangerous conditions on the set of a film where a gun wielded by actor Alec Baldwin killed a cameraman by placing live ammunition in a box that was supposed to contain only dummy bullets.

The lawsuit was filed in New Mexico District Court by Hannah Gutierrez Reid, a gunsmith who, along with two colleagues, oversaw firearms, ammunition, and related training on the set of Rust.

Filmmaker Halina Hutchins died on October 21 from a gunshot wound while rehearsing for Rust at a ranch on the outskirts of Santa Fe in northern New Mexico.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating the cause of death, said it was too early to determine whether charges would be filed.

Investigators described “some smugness” in the way guns were handled on set.

The Gutierrez Reid lawsuit blames ammunition supplier Seth Kenny and his company PDQ Arm & Prop for using live ammunition in a set that should have included only blanks and dummies.

“The unanticipated arrival of live ammunition on set, combined with the atmosphere of rush and chaos, created the perfect storm for a security incident,” the lawsuit says.

Alec Baldwin claims he “never pulled the trigger” on the set of Rust before the fatal shooting incident.

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